Guangdong officials have been sacked for taking bribes 11 report has not been

Guangdong officials have been sacked for taking bribes 11 report has not been initiated director of Guangdong County of Xuwen province CDC Zou Mian directs accounting personnel repeated reimbursement invoices, the recruitment of staff, engage in infrastructure, making employees work clothes and buy equipment, vaccines and drugs for bribes. Since 2011, Zou Mian has been repeatedly reported by the local people for 11 times, but due to unclear clues and other reasons, the county discipline inspection and supervision organs have not been placed on file. Zhanjiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection began in June last year, rural grassroots petition report difficult pieces of large investigation, staring at this problem clues, city and County Commission for Discipline Inspection leadership package, organized investigation. At present, Xuwen County Commission for Discipline Inspection has filed a review of Zou mian. Up to now, the investigation has found 256 clues leading cadres important issues. For the investigation of the problem clues, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection to establish ledger, find out the basic situation, classified disposal, and real-time dynamic management. Zhanjiang Commission for Discipline Inspection stipulates that, in accordance with the principle of "territorial management, hierarchical responsibility" and "who is in charge, who is responsible", the leaders, contractors, measures and deadlines are clearly defined, and the compaction responsibility is compacted. Each member of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection leadership team linked to a county (city, district) or a municipal unit, is responsible for guiding the contact point investigation package resolution work, supervision and coordination package case to solve 1 to 2 discipline inspection difficult petition reporting problems. County (city, district) Commission for Discipline Inspection one by one to implement the responsibility of the package case. In case of the mechanism of promoting the layers of Wuchuan City, Tang Wei Yin Ling Street community cadres Lin Huachu organized prostitution activities, retired police officers and superb casino Lianjiang City Qingping second President Wu Yaguo buying and selling false, the number of students obtaining state subsidies, little Treasuries and a number of the masses difficult petition issues to be investigated true. The relevant personnel review was filed, the interests of the masses are maintained, for many years the pending petition was resolved. At present, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection identified 256 key difficult letters and visits, 93% have been resolved. Editor in chief: SN184

广东官员因受贿落马 曾遭11次举报未被立案   广东省徐闻县疾控中心主任邹勉指使财会人员重复报销发票,利用招收人员、搞基建、制作职工工作服和购买设备、疫苗、药品之机大肆收受贿赂。从2011年起,邹勉就被当地群众11次重复举报,但由于问题线索模糊等原因,该县纪检监察机关始终未予立案。   湛江市纪委在去年6月开始的农村基层信访举报疑难件大排查中,紧盯这条问题线索,市县纪委领导包案,组织调查。目前,徐闻县纪委已对邹勉立案审查。   截至目前,此次排查已发现反映领导干部重要问题线索256件。针对排查出来的问题线索,该市纪委建立台账,摸清基本情况,分门别类进行处置,并进行实时动态管理。   湛江市纪委规定,按照“属地管理、分级负责”和“谁主管、谁负责”的原则,明确包案领导、承办人员、化解措施和办结期限,层层压实责任。该市纪 委领导班子成员每人挂钩联系一个县(市、区)或一个市属单位,负责指导联系点排查包案化解工作,督办协调包案解决1至2宗纪检疑难信访举报问题。县(市、 区)纪委逐一落实包案责任。   在层层包案机制的推动下,吴川市塘尾街道银岭社区干部林华初组织卖淫嫖娼活动、退休干警高超开赌场和廉江市青平二中校长吴亚国买官卖官、虚报学 生人数骗取国家补助、私设“小金库”等一批群众举报的疑难信访问题被调查属实。相关人员被立案审查,群众利益得到维护,多年信访积案被解决。目前,该市纪 委确定的256件重点疑难信访件中93%已被化解。(季湛) 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: