Graduate students open the room to steal the tape extortion woman 1 million yuan was sentenced to 7 -cancam

Graduate to open the room to steal women’s recording extortion 1 million yuan was sentenced to 7 years in the news – Sohu accused economic sources on his wife’s Court of First Instance sentenced him to imprisonment for 7 years to graduate schools Zhang accosted a woman on the bus, two people in the hotel room, Zhang secretly recorded between the audio, and then blackmail woman 1 million yuan. Zhang repeatedly threatened to suffer, the woman eventually alarm. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Zhang for the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on the Haidian court trial, was sentenced to 7 years. Sexual recording blackmail attempted Zhang, 33 years old, married, former Department of, Peking University, MBA mba. According to the prosecution allegations, in December 2, 2013, Zhang at the Beijing Institute of Technology, Friendship Hotel Beijing and other places, in order to announce the threat of a sex recording with Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang blackmail 1 million yuan. The prosecutor believes that Zhang’s behavior constituted the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on, a huge amount, the Department attempted crime. Trial, Zhang pleaded not guilty, he filed an objection to the indictment. "She is my attitude before and after the contrast is particularly large, I was recording threatened her in a rage to borrow money." Zhang argued that he was not in the subjective purpose of illegal possession, shall not constitute the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on, only constitute the crime of forced transaction. Zhang’s counsel that Zhang is in the borrower to the victim, asked the court for its lighter punishment. The bus was known according to Zhang confessed to the police said, in mid September 2013, he saw a woman on the bus, he approached the initiative and left a contact, then send some ambiguous messages, but had never received a response. But a month later, the woman through the phone number added Zhang WeChat, said that day she said she was in a bad mood, and I want to meet, met with the two of us together, until then I know her name". Zhang said, after two people eat more than a dozen meals. In November 24th of the same year, two people came to Friendship Hotel. In the process of Ms. Zhang a, Zhang iPad to open the recording function on the nightstand, in two people relationship not only recorded, also shouted the name of the woman to lure. The victim Ms. Zhang testified that she had noticed Zhang iPad on the nightstand, don’t feel quite right, but didn’t think, "then he said to me as some concern and ambiguous words, just to have repeatedly said investment projects." To extort millions of "investment" according to Zhang’s argument, then one day, two people in a university in the playground when his walk, he offered to let a woman to a diet of project investment, was refused, Ms. Zhang said that night and he did not want to continue to travel. "I mentioned a few times to borrow money, she did not agree, I would like to scare her." Zhang said he made a loan of 1 million yuan, Ms. Zhang did not agree, he took iPad to Ms. Zhang listened to the recording, and threatened to borrow if you do not send the recording to Ms. Zhang’s colleagues and friends. For Zhang’s behavior, Ms. Zhang said Zhang had never talked about borrowing, interest and interest. "He forced me to sign, I didn’t sign him相关的主题文章: