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God Tucao: raghead hanging open! UAV supervisory toilet – Sohu news calls the world’s largest public toilet in India recently began to enlarge trick: in order to prevent defecation phenomenon, koal area of India decided to dispatch the UAV at the Yamuna, early 5 late 9 tour of 6 villages near the ground, once found someone anywhere will be severely punished.   once told a group to visit India, suddenly anxious, looked around and found a grass house, then asks: "is that grass house is the toilet?" The tour guide looked at it and said, "in addition to the grass house, the rest is a toilet." The vast world, has much to offer……   these drones are the local government took the rent paid 3000 rupees (about 300 yuan), because the government of India is held "no defecation" assessment activities, and the Yamuna Nagar area ranked only third, which makes officials very angry: some people obviously have a toilet, but also go out anywhere pee, can long snack?   in fact a minibus once asked students from India: why in the toilets in India is going to be a problem? The student calmly said: This is the culture of India, the Indian open defecation habits.   he is estimated to be OS: have you ever been to India? Do you know Indians? Do you believe the media side? But it is true, in India traditional culture, is a symbol of the toilet dirty, many villagers do not want to use the toilet installed in the home, think to open more clean farm excretion (especially boys, India household toilet is the most used for girls), and the caste system in India in the lowest caste people would do clean excreta work…… The perfect combination of heaven and earth, man and nature.  , a large population, the government started the construction of public toilets in order to facilitate the disposal of excreta…… No door……     India traditional toilet without paper, next to put a bucket of water, hand washing after washing hands. Indians have a special snack, you know? Is their hands and hands.. Rice..   rest assured, Indians on the toilet with the left hand, eating with the right hand, division of labor is quite clear. Do you use a hand when cooking? That doesn’t necessarily mean  , though it’s traditional, but it does cause serious health problems. According to the United Nations UN Organization statistics, in India, the average per square kilometer on the ground there are 173 people defecate, India has more than half of the population (595 million) with no toilet, this number more than India can’t afford to buy a mobile phone of the population.   can afford to buy a mobile phone, can not afford to buy a toilet, the original Indian and Beijing people like to buy 1 Suites in Yinchuan, can only buy a toilet in Beijing, and I can not afford even a piece of tile.   China’s public toilet, isn’t it Kendl Ki Macdonald?   no toilet without toilet paper, India to bring serious health and social problem]相关的主题文章: