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Gibson issued a "bloody ridge" hacksaw Film Award for best director for Hollywood Sohu Mel Gibson with "bloody entertainment hacksaw Ling" win Hollywood Film Award for Best Directing films adapted from the World War II military soldiers waiting through the real focus of fierce battle of Okinawa Sohu entertainment news of the twentieth Hollywood film awards ceremony will be held in November 6th in Beverly Hilton Hotel, recently announced another important awards, Mel Gibson won the war epic blockbuster "bloody ridge" hacksaw won Best Director Award, has overwhelmed won "Oscar prize weathervane" said the film awards, may also help guide again after a lapse of twenty-one years to Oscar attack. Mel Gibson had with the movie "brave heart" won five items including Oscar, best director, best film award, is an important professional heavyweight director in the eyes of Hollywood movies. After ten years of inaction, may guide articles of the sincerity of "blood hacksaw Ling" bath fire return. The film adapted from the World War II military corporal Desmond Dawes real experience, focusing the fierce battle of Okinawa, tells the story of Desmond Dawes firmly refused to carry weapons on the battlefield, legend bare-handed saved the lives of 75 people. The actor by Andrew Garfield co starring Worthington Sam. "Blood" was three degrees in the hacksaw ridge International Film Festival, international media and well-known film screenings in all given highly praised the film not only has a real cruel grand war scenes, as well as in the war against the extremely pure and true romance, even to a particular website rotten tomatoes freshness is high 94%. The Mel – Gibson won the Hollywood Film Award for best director, also in the popular awards season on the eve of the film both for the individual and the impact of Oscar Oscar started before the war, has become a strong contender. It is reported that the "bloody" hacksaw ridge North America will by Lionsgate will be responsible for the issue, released in November 4th.相关的主题文章: