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Reference-and-Education With the boom in service sector (read Retail, Banking, Financial services, Stock, IT & ITES) in Gujarat, the job market for Management and IT graduates have opened up on big scale. Adding to this, some of the most recognized corporate has promised to pump in more money in diverse industry in the state. FDI and FII have increased the inflow of money into the state by making heavy investments in the field of Real Estate & Stock Market. IT and ITES industry have shown highest growth in the state in last few years. Making it spicier is the recent development in the lifestyle of the population here. With this paradigm shift, demand for local MBAs and MCAs has increased drastically. Students from Local University affiliated institutes are getting good placements and relevant job profile. Due to this there is a total perception change for state level entrance exam. Now we can see students targeting local institute seriously, which was earlier considered as a secondary option or a backup. So there has been a sharp increase in number of aspirants pursuing Master degree courses in Management and IT (read MBA & MCA). Let us evaluate what it takes to get into the best institutes for MBA & MCA in Gujarat. Understanding GCET: GCET exam is a state level entrance exam conducted by association of all the universities situated in the Gujarat State for Master Degree in Management (MBA) and .puter Application (MCA). Separate exams are conducted for MBA & MCA with 100 questions to be solved in 80 min. A separate merit list is prepared on the .bined score of written test, previous board and University scores and factoring in the age of the candidate. Admission is allotted on the basis of this merit list. The Testing area: GCET Syllabus covers all the areas of general aptitude test viz. Quantitative Ability, English Usage and Verbal Ability, General & Business awareness and Analytical & Logical Reasoning. The Crux: a) Speed and Accuracy: Unlike other exams like CAT, where number of questions are .paratively less, questions in GCET are more conceptual and calculation based. Hence a student who has a good hold over Quant and verbal fundamentals and can maintain a good speed along with accuracy will have an edge over others. Questions based on general and business awareness play the role of decider as lot of students try to bluff answers while the one who maintains accuracy here, gains those valued marks. b) Maintain your nerves: GCET being one of the lengthiest entrance test, checks patience and ability to keep the nerves cool till the 80th minute of the test. One should not get unnerved anywhere during the test or get intimidated by a couple of questions. A smart student will definitely be able to extract easy questions from the paper. In short selection of questions is one key strategy which delivers at GCET. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: