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Gansu 85 after the mother of high paralysis embroidered insoles strong accompany children (Figure) – Lanzhou, September (Xinhua) on, 14 (Xu Xue) in the Loess Plateau in the year of September, the weather has turned cold. Gansu Huachi County Qu Shuanling while lying on the hot Tukang, but did not reduce leg pain. Beside the embroidery insoles, pillow is her family, raising a young child looking for a way out. The 29 year old Qu Shuanling looks handsome, an accident seven years ago, she suddenly paralyzed, even sitting up very difficult. At that time, the body below the chest has no consciousness, was a doctor to determine high paraplegia, had thought of suicide." However, when the infant’s daughter, and her husband and family doctor rush, Qu Shuanling gradually gave up the idea, and began to struggle with the fate of. After several times of treatment, Qu Shuanling’s condition under control, but also the ordinary farmer spent all their savings, but also owed a lot of debt. Her husband Li Xiaoliang only in the near side of some short, while taking care of her daughter two, often sitting tired fall asleep. Qu Shuanling distressed husband, want to share some of his. She thought of the local embroidery in Qingyang is very popular with foreigners, and began to refer to the information on the Internet, their own learning. Most of the time Shuanling flexion pain sweating, hold needle hand trembling, but as long as a little pain relief, will continue to start embroidery. It is in this insistence, Qu Shuanling’s rapid increase in the level of embroidery. Pictured Qu Shuanling embroidery works. Zhong Xin photo told reporters in Beijing,, do their own insoles and pillows, the first hair in the circle of friends on WeChat, through the network sale. Slowly, I know a lot of people up, insoles also sold to Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. When she called "smile in the face of the cruel life" of WeChat, the young mother to her two children to write a promise: "baby, mother in order to you will be strong, I will accompany you grow up." As a result of the body, I can only embroider four pairs of shoes each month, the income of a few hundred dollars to buy clothes and food for the children." Qu Shuanling expressed his love for children and family in such a difficult way. In order to let the children get a better education, one family rented a hole cave in the county. "Now look forward to the relocation of poverty relief projects on the county in the next year successfully completed, so that the whole family can live in a new house." Qu Shuanling said. The 8 year old daughter Li Jiaxin in the book to write down "thanksgiving" two words, this is Qu Shuanling often talks about, "these years, I met a lot of good people, their help and encouragement, let us all feel warm." Near the Mid Autumn Festival, Qu Shuanling while sleeping child, rushed up the insole, blue porcelain in a bouquet of flowers symbolizes peace and happiness "". "I hope that the pain can be reduced, so that we can embroider some insoles." (end)相关的主题文章: