GAC Honda’s first large luxury SUV crown road listed in Shenzhen pr011.msi

Guangzhou Honda’s first large luxury SUV crown Shenzhen listed in October 29, 2016, GAC Honda new large luxury SUV crown Road (AVANCIER) Shenzhen regional joint conference staged a grand listed simultaneously in Shekou Sea world. As a result, this year has been much attention to the car market in October 29th SUV unified national official listing. The conference on "world champion Yu new dream" as the theme, the Guangzhou Honda factory leader Nagashima Sakitaeri, Yuan Xiong long, Shenzhen Minister of the major regional Guangzhou Honda store general manager as well as from the national media reporters gathered in Shekou Sea World, a sense of the future as the theme of the conference, highlighting the sense of science and technology, crown Road (AVANCIER the luxury of science and technology). (AVANCIER). "AVANCIER" comes from the French, meaning "forward"". Chinese name "crown", is a leader, led, is the premier, on behalf of the AVANCIER comprehensive superior step performance; Tao ", is extraordinary, is leading the way, and like-minded. This product is a passionate, strong sense of the presence of the new generation of elite, and they are eager to achieve self, to become the winner in life. The "crown" meaning "crown road", reflect this product will help the city enjoy "are a dream, reached the pinnacle of life! The Guangzhou Honda store manager and shun the Shenzhen regional association president Mr. He Zhengliang announced the new large luxury SUV crown road price, crown AVANCIER equipped with Honda 2.0T + SPORT TURBO 9AT new powertrain, issued a total of 5 derived models, market price guide: 2.0T Elite Edition 269 thousand and 800 2.0T Deluxe Edition 279 thousand and 800, 2.0T enjoy version 292 thousand and 800, 2.0T GLS 2.0T Extreme Edition 313 thousand and 800, 329 thousand and 800. At the same time, Guangzhou Honda announced with the vehicle three or one hundred thousand kilometers free warranty policy.   new large luxury SUV crown AVANCIER  innovative interpretation of luxury technology in recent years, with the large SUV dropping the price of luxury brands and small SUV formed the price coincidence belt, cross level competition more intense. Based on the development of SUV market trends and consumer demand and the existing products of camp insight, in driving a new corporate slogan "let the dream go farther", Guangzhou Honda to import the first large luxury SUV brand new crown AVANCIER, trying to "product positioning luxury" comprehensive reform of the traditional concept of luxury the cognition, action practice with peers and consumers cigna. And the other leading design aesthetic trend in the traditional way, AVANCIER will be the ultimate crown of humanization and innovative designs to exquisite details, with "DYNAMIC – ELEGANCE (with Li) for the overall design concept, the eagle wing type high quality LED diamond shaped headlamps and LED combination taillights echoed each other crystal texture and front fog lamp headlights, full sense of science and technology; the body straight and pull high waist throughout the body).相关的主题文章: