From childhood to help others focus on cultivating children’s charity in Hongkong-meyou

From Hongkong to help others pay attention to the cultivation of children’s charity – Beijing, according to Hong Kong media reports, the United Nations Children’s fund, the Hongkong committee recently issued the "Hongkong children’s participation in charitable behavior survey" results showed that more than 60% children before the age of 8 in Hongkong has begun to do good. The agency said that the child is not only the object of their help, but also the growth of partners, hope to carry forward the spirit of children to help children, change the world. The children in Hongkong in August this year to sit up and take notice of the survey questionnaire and the street online, access to nearly 350 local children 9 – 15 years old. The survey found that 87% of the children surveyed last year was good, most people involved in the charity is doing volunteer work, followed by donations and support charity etc.. Most respondents said they would like to help children affected by war and conflict, followed by children affected by poverty, disease and natural disasters. The director Liu Yuyan said, this survey, let her sit up and take notice of Hongkong’s children. "In the survey, some children can specifically tell the world’s recent disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, poverty, disease, etc.. What impressed me most was the fact that some of the children were able to specifically state the civil war in Syria." Liu Yuyan expressed admiration for the international vision of children in Hongkong: "do not look down on them!" The results can not be separated from the family education Liu Yuyan think, can have such an optimistic survey results, can not be separated from family education. It is very important for children to encourage and educate their parents in the process of cognition. This will help them to realize their environment. For a long time, it will help them understand the value of self." In addition, the Hongkong Committee for UNICEF by the 30 anniversary, launched the "charity action", invited children to make "charity fundraising box", to deepen understanding of the international disaster and humanitarian crisis, and for those living in disaster children fundraising. It is reported that the "give" has been awarded the Hongkong children personally designed nearly 2500 charity donation boxes, to express their wishes of children in the disaster areas. In a variety of ways to spread love only 3 year old Lin Tianyou in "giving action" participants in the youngest, but donated so far the highest amount of money. He produced a collection box with colored crayons to write a blessing. Lin Tianyou said, (the children in the disaster area) do not eat enough, sick and no medicine to eat, want to help them." Lin Tianyou’s mother said, should be trained to learn how to Thanksgiving, contentment and treasure, so often encourage children to donate pocket money to people in need. "He’ll wash his hands longer before he can play soap with water. Now he thinks some children may not have water to drink, he will pay more attention to the." Liu Yuyan appealed to the people of Hong Kong to pay more attention to children in disaster. She believes that good is a continuous activity, not only volunteers, donations can also try more different ways to express their love, make their own charity.相关的主题文章: