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Forgetful or senile dementia? Look at the home of the elderly the symptoms of old people, there will always be some bad memories, sometimes forget time, forget sometimes just do what. However, some of the old man’s "forgetfulness" must be careful to be a disease". 2 years ago, 60 year old Zhou aunt began to appear in the memory is not good, such as house guests, Zhou aunt can’t remember the name, again also forgot to buy washing powder; today, every day to buy the same back washing powder. At first, the family felt that Zhou aunt may be older, and occasionally confused. 1 years ago, Zhou aunt forgot to turn off the fire to boil water, kettle boil dry, but her daughter to work in time, before the accident did not happen. 2 months ago, Zhou aunt lost in the vicinity of the home, the family is very anxious, reported to the police. 1 days later, the police in the area near the flower bed found aunt zhou. Lu Zhengqi, director of Neurology, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, in the memory of the specialist outpatient service to the week to see a doctor, she also believes that he is just older, is a normal life phenomenon, not a disease. Lu Zhengqi pointed out that the patients with cognitive disorder Chinese many common senile dementia is far higher than people’s imagination, but there is no cure, if the family can not be found early, correct intervention, the life of the elderly and the whole family will be greatly affected. Forgetful or senile dementia? This is the essential difference between dementia, is obtained, persistent intelligence damage caused by brain dysfunction, and cognitive (memory, generalization, calculation and judgment etc.), language, visual spatial function and personality of 5 psychological activities, memory and cognitive dysfunction and the other 3 in a damaged, and enough to influence the society and the life activity function. Among them, the most common is Blzheimer’s disease (AD), seriously affecting the patient’s daily life. Data show that the prevalence of dementia in people over the age of 55 is close to 4.2%, more than the age of 7.2%, more than 80 years of age of up to 30%. It is also reported that the prevalence of AD in 2050 will increase by 4 times, that is, one in every 85 people sick. It is worth noting that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. If you can not identify early dementia, early intervention, the quality of life of the elderly will be a straight line, but also a heavy burden on the family. So, how can the early recognition of common forgetfulness and dementia? In the early stage of dementia, the patient may only be memory loss, especially not remember recent, thought, the mood is not stable, easy to get lost; in the middle period, completely unable to remember the recent thing, even hair, eating, dressing, toilet and other daily life skills are in need of help, sometimes even at home they will get lost; if not, the progression of the disease to the late life of the elderly can not take care of themselves, incontinence, swallowing may not even eat, many patients because of flu, pneumonia or death cause bedsore. Practical! 3 small test for early dementia Brannigan Lu Zhengqi pointed out that because the early symptoms of senile dementia is not obvious, it is easy to be ignored, the vast majority of patients with senile dementia was found to have been late, missed the best treatment time. However, the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease is not without trace. Three.相关的主题文章: