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Finance If you had financial problems in the past and are eligible for checking account anymore, take heart. There is such a thing as a "second chance" checking account. Having bad credit or a report to TeleCheck or to ChexSystems can keep you from having a checking account, certainly, but a second chance checking account can be the answer to your difficulties. Although information usually stays on these reporting agencies for five years or longer, there are steps you can take to obtain a second chance checking account. Often it only takes one financial problem to start a whole chain of events that can cause problems when it .es to opening a checking account. Since there are banks that are beginning to realize this, they have started second chance checking accounts for people who may have had problems in the past. When you look for a bank that offers these types of checking accounts, make sure you check to see if they charge a fee for this. Some banks will charge a fee, sometimes up to $300, for their approval of your checking account. A second chance bank account is a real bank account. They are available with checks or a debit card. The same benefits that you had with your old bank account will apply to this account as well. You will have a routing number and account number for direct deposits. A true debit card that work at any ATM, with a MasterCard or Visa logo, will be included. They work anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted. If you opt for just the debit card, a voided check will be included in your set-up so that you can have your paychecks direct deposited. There will be no credit checks or verification through either ChexSystems or TeleCheck. Whereas others offer you a prepaid card, this is a regular debit card. If you no longer want to pay fees to have a check cashed or to buy money orders to pay your bills, a second chance checking account might just be for you. Most people need a second chance after they’ve gone through difficult times in their lives. A checking account is nearly essential these days, not only because you’ll need to have your checks directly deposited, but because you also need to pay bills. Most people take this convenience for granted. However, if you have unfortunately had some financial difficulty so that you’ve been denied a checking account, you realize that it can be a difficulty to have no checking account. Many people do a lot of banking online. This is impossible if you don’t have a checking account. Many employers also require that you have a bank account so that they don’t have to pay you with a paper check. This is not only easier for the payroll department, but it’s also a way to eliminate many problems and expenses. Today, in short, you’ll almost require a checking account. You can also open a savings account and have everything deposited there, but this means that you have to go to the bank to take money out. A second chance checking account gives you the opportunity to start fresh. Many banks also realize that this was a temporary problem, perhaps the fault of the account holder and perhaps not. This is why a second chance checking account is being offered. It might just offer you a second chance, too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: