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Smart Grid For Smart Cities, Market To Touch 50,000 Crores In Five Years, Fiinovation Reviews Posted By: Anand Kumar Fueled up by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s dream of reshaping the urban landscape of India by developing 100 smart cities with next generation power technologies, the smart grid market is brightening up opening fresh avenues for investors to invest in smart grid technologies. The smart grid market is all set to touch 50,000 crores in the next 5 years. Industry experts do believe that reliable electric grid being the most critical enabler for all other systems in a smart city, it is expected that all 100 smart cities and 500 smart towns will have smart grids in the years to come. Fiinovation contemplates that to reap the benefits of smart grid technology in the future, government must start fixing issues and challenges related to implementation of smart grid now. Fiinovation understands that to streamline the operations AND implementation of the Smart Grid is a monumental task as the Indian power sector specially transmission and distribution poses serious issues such as power theft, inadequate grid structure, low metering efficiency and lack of awareness etc.

Fiinovation Fiinovation Reviews – Is It Ache Din For Farmers In The Country? Posted By: Anand Kumar India has always remain a nation that known for its agriculture and majorly of the citizens depends on the age old occupation to survive. The sector still faces a lot of challenges in terms of growth, revenue, technological advancements, degradation of natural resources and climate change. The nation’s strategy to boost service and manufacturing has ensured that GDP grows rapidly, however slower agricultural growth has not been able to help the farming community much. The rural distress has increased over the years and the sector needs a second green revolution to adapt to climate change. Every year we celebrate Kisan Diwas in the country on the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh. As of today agriculture remains the primary occupation of majority of the people, despite attraction from the service and manufacturing sectors. Agriculture income generation has been a challenge and will continue to be untill concrete steps are taken to boost the sector. Fiinovation understands that more private sector money has been invested to upgrade the status of the sector. However, there are still numerous opportunity that is yet to be tapped.

Fiinovation Fiinovation Reviews Warmer Winters & Food Security Posted By: Anand Kumar Fiinovation reviews that experts and farmers are continuously reviewing the warmer temperatures during winter across India. It can be observed that since mid-October the hills in India have been unusually hotter than ever. There is no rain, not much snowfall and not much chilling for the winter crops to grow. It is believed that temperatures ranging between a daily minimum of zero degree celsius and a maximum of below 15 degree celsius is ideal for winter crops. Whereas, the temperatures in Shimla these days are above 20 degrees during day time and around 7 degrees at night which is harmful for crops. Fiinovation reviews the temperature in the hills is more like Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of the plains. The situation is same in Mahabaleshwar and other places where the farmers are facing loss of crops because of this winter. Not only this the entire Indo-Gangetic plain is experiencing adverse effects of the winter on rabi crops. As per Agriculture Ministry, the wheat productivity is likely to decline for the second year in a row with sown area till December-end lagging by 2 hectares from last year. The situation is simlar when comes to Rice, pulses and oil seeds.

Fiinovation Fiinovation Stands With Chennai Posted By: Anand Kumar People formed human chains to save themselves from drowning as floods ravaged the southern metropolitan city of Chennai. The city witnessed the worst floods in decades with highest amount of rainfall in over 100 years. Home to 4.8 million people and third most densely populated city in the country came to grinding halt for almost a week as citizens battered the untimely rains. In this crisis situation, all of India is standing by Chennai to help it gather momentum once again. Fiinovation the situation as tough as huge amount of population has lost their belongings due to the floods. The centre has poured in funds after sending the Indian Army and the NDRF teams to carry out the rescue operations. As many limp back to normal life, it will be challenging for them to restore back to normalcy. There will be huge amount of investments required to improve the ground situation, so that the city is better prepared. However, Fiinovation believes that for the marginalised sections such as slum dwellers, it will be more challenging. Relief for them will be depending on their luck and muscle power.

Fiinovation Fiinovation – Digital Revoulution Vs Social Revolution Posted By: Anand Kumar The Digital Revolution, known as the Third Industrial Revolution, is the change from analog, mechanical, and electronic technology to digital which began anywhere from the late 1950s to the late 1970s with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping, that continues to the present day. Although, there is no universal and authoratative definition of social revolution, it can be termed as a radical qualitative change in the entire socio-economic structure and functions of society. In my opinion, digital and social revolutions are not mutually exclusive and cannot work in isolation from each other. Fiinovation believes that both are complementary to each other and infact works on each other. Digital processes and connectivity whether the Internet or mobile phones are rapidly bringing market information, financial services, health services to remote areas, and is helping to change peoples’ life in unprecedented ways. This can be seen by the impact of ICT has had globally and nationally. The arab spring in which totalitarian regimes and dictators were toppled might not have been possible in the absence of social media which helped people communicate in real time and e xchange information which strengthened the movement.

Fiinovation Fiinovation – Digital Revolution Vs Social Revolution Posted By: Anand Kumar The word revolution originally denoted any form of social uprising which brought about or intended to bring about a radical change and generating impact in the society. However, with the progress of civilization, the meaning of revolution had gone sea change, it is now any event or process which becomes a driving force of social evolution can be termed as some sort of a ‘revolution’. And the original meaning of revolution, that is transformation in power dynamics due to military or public furore, earned the nomenclature of ‘social revolution’. The commencement of industrialization was the most important historic process which was responsible for adding a new dimension to the word revolution with the coinage of the term Industrial Revolution. Fiinovation comprehends the industrial revolution was an integral part of social evolution as it facilitated the birth of the modern age. However, the revolutionary spirit of humans is irresistible and revolutions of all sorts still continue to facilitate social evolution. And post the industrial revolution the game changer in the league of various revolutions is undoubtedly the Digital Revolution which has already become the most popular of all the revolutions so far.

Fiinovation Fiinovation: More Csr Grants To Educational Projects Posted By: Anand Kumar The CSR funding in India has proved to be game changer in the funding of social sector. It has provided much support to the Civil Society Organisation (CSOs). Earlier, these non-profit organisations working for the development of the society were depended on charities, donations and government grants. But, with the mandating of CSR in India these institutions have found a support from the corporate sector. The CSR grants in India have made an impact on the successful implementation of the projects in the field of health, education, environment and livelihood. Some companies have setup their own foundation and teams for implementing the projects under CSR, while others prefer the funds to be spend through NGOs and other non-profit organisations. The trend of CSR spending in India suggests that the companies are giving preference to education projects in the country. Setting up vocational institutions, schools and computer training centers have been the top priorities. Companies like Reliance, Tata, Wipro and Infosys have initiated projects for employment related skill development training. Fiinovation believes that giving priority to education projects is the right strategy for uplifting the people and society. Good education can boost the development of the company.

Fiinovation Fiinovation Says India Is A Rich Country With Poor People Posted By: Anand Kumar

Fiinovation Fiinovation Reviews: ‘guarding The Blue Gold’ Posted By: Anand Kumar The next world war will not be fought over oil. The most valuable commodity that will take precedence over any other coveted substance is water. This elucidates the challenge faced by the world to access to fresh water. In India too, there is a large percentage of people who have a restricted access to clean water. We have heard of the popular saying that every drop of water counts. This is soon going to become the reality. Fiinovation, a CSR based research consultancy, mentions that in an era of water scarcity, only traditional methods of water storage, management and distribution can support people’s ability to deal with the growing problem. Philanthropically, in India if a person built a water body or contributed financially to its construction, it was considered as a good deed. Thus, the world was introduced to India’s step-well architecture for water preservation and optimum distribution. A step well comprise of three segments-steep well, transitional pavilions and the stepped corridors. Other water management structures included community wells for drinking water also known as baoris; check dams for water conservation known as Johads and underground water structures for facilitating drinking water known as kunds were constructed.

Fiinovation Fiinovation – Rural Tourism, Developing India Posted By: Anand Kumar A land of variance, India has always been a great prospect for tourism. From mystic temples, alluring landscapes to dazzling rivers, green forests, lively souls and their extraordinary culture defines ‘Incredible India’. As stated by a report by World Bank in 2014, 68 percent of the total population of India still resides in the rural areas. Fiinovation believes that tourism holds a great prospect in supporting development of rural India. Intensive industrialization and urbanization have resulted in counter-urbaniztion by the citizens. The term ‘Counter urbanization’ is explained as a social and demographic process where people migrate from urban areas back to rural areas. The limited job opportunities in urban regions, limits the income generation among the population in these areas, thus obstructing improvement in people’s standard of living. Hence, the urban population are practicing counter urbanization in search of better livelihood opportunities. The government of India under rural tourism scheme have stated to promote village tourism. The aim is to encourage the development of rural tourism among the village population for them to reap socio-economic benefits. This has increased the interest of the urban population to explore the rural economy of India. Gradually, developing rural India.

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