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Women may bring the dysmenorrhea health crisis – Sohu maternal dysmenorrhea is a common disorder of female, female life appeared in a very high frequency, some people think that this is most probably it did not actually happen, very normal thing "," anyway, everyone will have dysmenorrhea "," pain is good". In fact, dysmenorrhea can not really hurt just fine. Dysmenorrhea is not cured, not only may lead to endometriosis, destruction of women’s fertility, but also may affect women’s intelligence. Female dysmenorrhea may bring about a health crisis accelerated aging often dysmenorrhea will make women aging 5 years ahead of time. Dysmenorrhea is menstrual blood stasis, blood loss caused by free radicals can lead to abnormal female active, reflected in the face, long-term dysmenorrhea female will appear dark complexion, dry skin, acne and more easy to form a stain. If you do not timely treatment of gynecological diseases dysmenorrhea, can induce a variety of gynecological diseases. More than 13 of breast hyperplasia is caused by dysmenorrhea; more than half of the uterine disease and dysmenorrhea, such as uterine inflammation, uterine fibroids and endometriosis; in addition, dysmenorrhea may also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. The impact of the development of dysmenorrhea and infertility has a close relationship, 56% of infertility patients with dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea symptoms to eliminate the patient then conceived. Dysmenorrhea can also lead to habitual abortion, premature birth, children’s mental retardation and other issues, so dysmenorrhea women must do a good job in advance of the uterus, ready to do the mother needs to be cured after the baby. Married life is not cause harmonic dysmenorrhea is an early sign of sexual life of husband and wife is not harmonious, dysmenorrhea women prone to low libido, frigidity, sexual life after pelvic soreness, uterine inflammation and other symptoms, which directly lead to marital disharmony. In addition, dysmenorrhea induced uterine abnormalities, but also the number of vaginal surface cells and secretion gradually reduced, causing vaginal atrophy, dry discomfort, thereby affecting the disharmony between husband and wife life. In addition to nausea and vomiting, it will also affect women’s intelligence. Pain will not only affect the sensory experience, but also affect the ability to think, resulting in a longer attention time, damage the cognitive function of women. What kind of dysmenorrhea need careful painkillers can alleviate the severe dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea suddenly become severe and difficult to alleviate is usually a signal of danger of endometriosis, which is part of the uterine endometrium. Also in the life or in peacetime to stoop action when you pain may be caused by this disease. Sudden severe abdominal pain may be due to severe pelvic pain caused by the rupture of ovarian cyst. This is usually caused by the rupture of abdominal pain by the side, and quickly spread to the entire lower abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea, this is totally not a feeling. A rapid increase in menstrual volume may represent the growth of uterine fibroids in your body. This is a kind of benign tumor in the uterine wall, usually harmless to the human body, but the blood volume caused by it will lead to an increase in anemia, this tumor has tiny uterus may cause blockages or to.相关的主题文章: