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Fashion Week poised how to sit Street queen lead: 2016 high fashion week in Paris has been on fire, the next step is the long-awaited four fashion week, to know that every fashion week is a feast for the eyes of the fashion feast, outside the street is a must. As a loyal audience street you must be very familiar with these Icon in this fashion, all of us want to crush the head of Bo eye moment ready N dress is really not good! So today, we’re going to talk about the queen who wants to dominate the fashion week. How many sets of styling are they going to have? Paris fashion week 2016 street Chiara Ferragni dress queen: the famous popular fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni everybody know this girl, not only is good, sweet, and clothing is super praise. Once set up a fashion week to replace 40 sets of modeling feat, firmly sitting on the Queen’s throne change. Paris fashion week 2016 street beat the young but prominent fashion blogger is her forte, from Italy to Milan, while studying the legal profession, but this did not affect her fashion in baking play, students began to create a blog, her amazing style and unique way of business soon it has become one of the most popular blogger. Since 2001, Chiara has won the prize with soft hands. From "the hottest street beat stars" to the 2015 Forbes list, she really develops rapidly in the form of "open up", and involves the fields of fashion, brand and even entertainment. 2016 spring and summer New York fashion week street beat Chiara is a common thing with the major fashion brands. After that, she also launched the brand of the same name, personally served as designers, specializing in shoes, which is omnipotent. 2015, the Paris fashion week in autumn and winter street shot said so much, Chiara has been able to be unpopular with the world, but also attributed to her excellent clothing, control of various styles can be easily, sometimes sexy, sometimes elegant, sometimes neutral. 2015 autumn and winter Paris fashion week street shooting 2016 spring and summer Paris High Fashion Week Street shot

时装周蓄势待发 怎样才能稳坐街拍女王   导语:2016高定时装周已经在巴黎火力全开了,接下来就是万众期待的四大时装周,要知道每次时装周都是一场让人大饱眼福的时尚盛宴,场外的街拍更是必 看。作为街拍忠实观众的你们一定很熟悉这些时尚Icon,在这个所有人都想挤破脑袋博眼球的时刻不准备N套衣服是真的不行!所以,今天我们就来聊聊那些称 霸时装周街头的女王们到底要准备几套造型? 2016春夏巴黎时装周街拍   换装女王:Chiara Ferragni   大名鼎鼎的当红时尚博主Chiara Ferragni想必大家都有了解,这个小妮子不仅身材好,长得甜,而且衣品也是超级赞。曾经在时装周创下过更换40套造型的壮举,稳稳的坐在换装女王的宝座上。 2016春夏巴黎时装周街拍   这 位年纪不大却声名显赫的时尚博主的确有她的过人之处,来自意大利米兰,虽然就读的是法律专业,但这丝毫不影响她在时尚发面的发挥,学生时期就开始创建博 客,她百变的造型以及独特的经营之道很快就成为了最受欢迎的博主之一。2001年开始Chiara就拿奖拿到手软,从“年度最火爆街拍明星”到2015福 布斯榜单,她真的以开挂的模式迅速发展,而且涉及的领域包含时尚界、品牌界甚至是娱乐圈。 2016春夏纽约时装周街拍   Chiara与各大一线时尚品牌合作是常有的事情,之后她还推出了同名品牌,亲自担任设计师,专攻鞋履,可谓是无所不能。 2015秋冬巴黎时装周街拍   说了这么多,Chiara之所以能以迅雷不及掩耳之势火爆全球,还要归结于她出色的衣品,驾驭各种风格都能轻而易举,时而性感、时而优雅、时而又中性。 2015秋冬巴黎时装周街拍 2016春夏巴黎高定时装周街拍相关的主题文章: