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Fantasy drama "optional day in mind" Hengdian hot shot   Luhan gave nine; " " for the first time; – the media – original title: "choose day record" hot "" Hengdian beat Luhan gave nine "first time" by Lu Han, nuozha starring drama fantasy "optional day in mind" the day before the open media goings. Before the start, Luhan said that this drama gave his seven "first": the first TV, went to Hengdian for the first time, the first pictures of the magical costume drama, the first time in the play as Curve Wrecker, the first time to play the first leader, both master and apprentice, the first time feeling show." More than two months after the shooting, Luhan feeling it had "too naive", because this is the first time he faced more than before the movie lines, need to use the "field force" to remember every day; he is also the first time in the face of clothing filming "suffering in the cool summer wearing four layers of play". Worry lines than all previous movies are more "optional day in mind about" in the world of overhead devil coexist, Luhan plays "Chen Changsheng" and buddies to grow together and save the whole story, the first scene is played by Chen Changsheng and Xu Yourong Luhan nuozha as a country in the college square stone play "Jigsaw Puzzle" game. Luhan a blue and white collocation gown appearance, elegant gentleman bookish and nuozha, wore a white blue uniforms debut, Xian Qi fluttering, two "high color value" on behalf of hand in hand with the turn of the scene, it looks really good to hear or see. The weather in Hengdian is unusually hot, in the field of play, in addition to the necessary sunshade, Luhan nuozha, starring the hand is a small fan, makeup does not stop to wipe them. After the first scene probably took three or four, Luhan then start to prepare second facelift scene, the shooting rhythm soon. The reporter observed several starring clothing close, can be seen in the shape of the crew is willing to "money", most costumes are sheer texture, there are scenes taking cotton material, the whole "elegant and fresh" wind, that aired at least the texture of the clothing will not let the audience "hot eye". From the current through the stills and the field of view, the male deer Han especially enjoy "deer around the world" treatment, only to the blue and white color suit has several sets of clothes, some differences between even only small. Of course, he is not today what clothes to wear this kind of "happiness" and distress, just before the shot "return to the age of twenty", "I am a witness", "Tomb notes" a few movie Luhan, now the most troubling is the massive lines first TV to the back. Every day he needs "field force" to remember ", first arrived two days show, feeling better than did all the movie lines all add up to much". I had a law office worker lives before the conference, when asked whether how summer, "offbeat Curve Wrecker" Luhan said own inspiration, that is "computer", because "play the game playing, attention is not the heat transfer". Now the play had already took two months, every day wearing heavy clothes, need to stack a towel to absorb sweat Luhan can only hit his face, "lamented Hengdian hot computer completely useless).相关的主题文章: