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Casino-Gambling Supercute blond Jennifer Harman is a poker beauty and a diminutive 5’2". Don’t be fooled. Among famous poker players, she is widely regarded as the greatest of all female poker players. She is notorious for playing in the largest cash games and winning an "unfair share" of the money. Her most frequent opponents include world famous poker legends Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, Phil Ivey, and Chip Reese. She routinely plays $3000/$6000 games. Harman regularly plays at the biggest poker game in the world at Las Vegas’ Bellagio casino-hotel. The girl from Reno, Nevada, who now makes her home in Las Vegas with her husband, and who has been supporting herself mainly through poker playing since she was 21 years old, has won one of the absolute biggest pots in history ($1.7 million) from a non-tournament or cash game at a major casino. She has two World Series of Poker bracelets–a 2-7 Triple Draw win in 2000, and victory in No Limit Hold’em in 2002. Jennifer also has 12 money finishes at the WSOP; finished 2nd in a WSoP Circuit event at the Rio; made the final table at two World Poker Tour events. finished second at the Ultimate Bet Challenge in Aruba; and come in 4th at the Bellagio Five Diamond Classic. Some of these great victories have come after her major kidney surgery in 2004, which caused her to take a year off from playing. Jennifer Harman is one of the world’s famous poker players because she plays tight and aggressive, is extremely persistent, has a mathematical odds-calculating ability that is perhaps surpassed only by that of Chris "Jesus" Fergusen, and has a potent knack for reading other players–what she herself describes as an "uncanny ability to get inside someone’s head…an intuitive knowledge of how they think and how they play." She is regarded as one of the great all-around female poker players, and indeed one of the great all-around famous poker players period, especially at Limit Hold’em. She wrote the entire chapter on Limit Hold’em for Doyle Brunson’s ‘Super System 2′. Another reason Jennifer Harman is so highly regarded and deeply respected is that she is one of only two female poker players who will regularly play the entire 13-tournament circuit of the World Poker Tour. Her mental and emotional stamina is amazing. "[I am a] perfectionist when it comes to poker. The hard part is realizing that it’s a game that you can never play perfectly," says she who is, just maybe, the world’s best among female poker players and a player who, despite being known for her No Limit Hold’em prowess, now believes her best game is found within "limit" Hold’em. Jennifer Harman is a part of Full Tilt Poker online. If you join Full Tilt, you too can play against her. And as much fun as she is…be afraid. Be very afraid. Learn to Win Hold’em’s website can introduce you to these and many other famous professional poker players. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: