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Outdoors Barbados is great destination for family vacations. You can explore wonderful beaches and parks in your Barbados holidays with so many other options. Start from the Queens Park this is located in Queens Park it was built in 1783. It was initially a military home for General Gabriel Christie the Superior Officer of the British forces in Barbados. Formerly it was constructed as ‘King’s House’, renamed ‘Queen’s House’ in Queen Victoria’s superiority, as a house for the general officer imposing in this state of the Caribbean. If you are planning your Barbados tours you can visit this park with your family. In year 1905 after the British withdrawal this property was purchased by Government and it was again opened in 1909 for the Barbados tourists. This place is popular for the parks and beaches available here another interesting park which you can visit in Barbados tours is the Three Houses National Park this is well-known picnic spot for many locals and one of the two national parks located in the south-eastern parish of St Philip. The other popular National Park is King George V Memorial Park this is also a popular place to see. Those who are on budget and cheap Barbados holidays can also visit these National Parks of this amazing island. Some the picturesque places or views are available here its spacious ground to arrange different outdoor games for all ages. Slides, swings, monkey bars and see-saws and complete playground are available for the kids. For perfect family picnic benches and restroom facilities are endowed here. Situated across from the park is a spring with a natural pool where you can see fishing and local swims sometimes. Needhams Point is another interesting place which you can include in your Barbados holiday packages. This is picturesque place which is situated in the Carlisle Bay area, fronts the inspiring Hilton Hotel Resort and is situated in the Garrison Historic Area which is sturdy in military heritage. It is also known as Hilton Beach, this area has two bays, mutually imposing a white sandy beach, rounded by blue calm crystal clear waters nearly everyone of the year, with humble to no undertow. It also has a reef to discover, and is home to the Needhams Point Light House. You can book your cheap holidays in Barbados to enjoy these attractions of this island. You can book your cheap flights to this island to make your journey more affordable and convenient. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: