Escape network bought 3 identity cards to steal Chongqing dollars away coscoqd

Escape network bought 3 identity cards to steal Chongqing dollars out monitoring display, is the black man stole his wallet. Along with the three men on the Internet to buy identity cards, it is true. Recently, Yuzhong District, a man in the process of playing basketball with strangers, was stolen wallet, the loss of nearly a thousand dollars and cell phones, etc.. After days of tracking the police, the thief was arrested and found that the man was actually fled. After playing basketball I play basketball in the wallet "take wings to itself, after put next to the wallet was gone!" More than 10 points in September 19th evening, more than and 20 year old Guo District of Yuzhong to play basketball stadium datianwan stadium, a black bag on the bench 2 basketball field on the corner. More than 9 in the evening, Mr. Guo back home on the ball back to the home, ready to take the keys to open the door, only to find the wallet and cell phone inside the bag is not in. Mr. Guo lost a short section folded a brown wallet, with us $920, nearly 200 yuan, a denomination of 100 yuan NT, a bank card, a postal savings bank card and ID card, a white vivo mobile phone. Mr. Guo rushed back to the stadium datianwan tune to see surveillance. Monitoring shows that people who play together in the stolen surveillance, at 8:39 in the evening, there is a black man sitting next to the bag, stole his wallet and cell phone from the bag. The man at the age of ershiqiba years old, about 185CM tall, tall and relatively strong, short hair. "Isn’t this the guy I played with?!" The same day, the man in black with Mr. Guo played basketball, wearing a red dress on the field, after the end of a black dress. The police through the retrieval of surveillance video into the other time, the black man and lock tracking trajectory, found on September 19th at 5:45 in the afternoon, the black man has appeared in shangqingsi No. 69, after entering the datianwan basketball play, stolen goods carried in the course of play after leaving the scene, then disappeared. There are three different identity card is the original network run September 20th at 2:30 in the afternoon, the police found the man in black appears again in shangqingsi No. 69 near the transfer of control process, then immediately out of the police was arrested. Police asked him, the man has not recognized the fact that the theft has not revealed the true identity. The police through the inspection, found that the people carry 3 different regions, the name of the ID card, ID card on the head and the suspect although similar, but the police found the three long careful identification, identity cards are not I. How can the general public have this identity card in the body? In the police to verify and asked, black men finally will own the name Hemou in Jiangsu in 2014 for theft of online pursuit. Where an account on its website to buy three identity cards to conceal his identity, the police did not expect to be seen. Police verify the authenticity of the 3 ID card information. At present, he has been detained, the case is still in process. Police remind the loss of identity cards to do this three step ID is that each of us must have a certificate, ID card is lost will not only give their lives to bring inconvenience, sometimes can bring us the unnecessary trouble. )相关的主题文章: