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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews For the best in energy efficient lighting you need an OttLite. OttLites 508 Illumination brings the quality of High Definition Natural Lighting indoors. The revolutionary lighting technology provides an ideal balance of brightness and contrast, reducing glare and eyestrain. In turn, the right light increases comfort and enables you to work more effectively. Not to mention, these energy efficient light bulbs allow you to see colors truer and details with more acuity. Now you can see what youre working on at the most ideal light possible. However, this energy saving bulb does much more than just light a room. Thanks to the ideal intensity of these energy saving lamps, squinting and eye fatigue is minimized, and less heat is emitted so that the bulb not as hot. A reduction in heat means there is also a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, making these environmentally friendly and energy-efficient light bulbs. In fact, it has been calculated that the amount of CO2 that has been saved from being pumped into the environment by current OttLite usage alone, is the equivalent to taking 314 thousand cars off the road. Along with being eco-friendly, its also been specially proven to fight again Season Affective Disorder (SAD). Since one of the proven treatments for SAD is light, more specifically natural light, you could be seeing better and feeling better with OttLites energy efficient lighting. All OttLites are not only wonderful for your eyes, but theyre also wonderful for the environment and for your health. Whether you need a floor lamp, a desk lamp, a reading lamp, or just replacement bulbs, youll find the right light for any task. All of them are just as energy-efficient as the other, thanks to 508 Illumination. Available in modern, traditional, and many other styles, youre bound to find the perfect energy saving lamp for your home or office dcor. Heres what some of our fans have to say about their OttLite energy efficient lighting: The OttLite lamp is very different from any light I’ve ever used before and much better. It’s as clear as daylight and makes reading easier and a pleasure. It is a great improvement over regular reading bulbs and lamps. -William T. McClellan Lamps from OttLite Technology let both old and young read, study and work easily in naturally lighted comfort with specially formulated bulbs that reduce eyestrain and are virtually glare-free. – Parade Magazine About the Author: 相关的主题文章: