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What is The Empower Network The Business Layout and Explanation What is The Empower Network? Many of you may or may not have heard of The Empower Network, so today I am writing this blog post on the online business layout and will be talking a little about how it works. The Empower Network is a home-based online business that is grounded and focused around its viral blogging system. So basically, you blog to make money online. There are several other things to do in order to get paid through your blogs, which will be discussed later. Let me break it down from top to bottom. Once signing up to be an affiliate of The Empower Network ($25 initial payment/per month), you receive your very own back office (leads list, training videos, email auto-responder, etc.), your own blog website where you post all your blogs(click here to see mine), and the support of your up-line which includes their contact information. Once you have your Empower Network blog site, you must blog daily, or at least you are encouraged to blog daily so that you may rank your blogs better on search engines. The Empower Network blog system has an Alexa ranking that is fairly high and extremely helpful in getting your blogs to rank in search engines. The Empower Network and How to Get Paid As stated before, you should blog daily on your Empower Network Blog, but what do you blog about and how do you get paid when you do blog? In this business you chose the niche you want to write about and focus on. You may create your content to focus on almost anything you want! Although you can blog about anything you want, it is better and best to focus on creating content on the Empower Network, or on a niche such as home based businesses or how to make money online. That way you directly target the people that are looking for an online opportunity. But like I recently said, you can also blog on things that you share an interest on. For example, if you are a huge MOVIE fan, then blog about up.ing movies, movie reviews, and even about actors in those movies. But here is the important thing to remember: YOU MUST ALWAYS PUT A CALL TO ACTION at the end of every blog you make, regardless of the niche, topic, or subject. For example, click and check out my blog about The New Wolverine Movie that just came out July 26, 2013 (click the Wolverine Link BELOW TO SEE IT); read through it and look at my CALL TO ACTION at the very end/bottom of my blog and see what I mean. That was my CALL TO ACTION (Hopefully you clicked the link). As you saw, my Wolverine movie blog was short and simple, had 2 Youtube trailers integrated, and then had my call to action in order to attract those that are interested in making money blogging online. Thats the importance and key to your blogs, must make sure you have that call to action. Even if you blogged about reasons to join the Empower Network, or about how to join your online business, you still need to have that call to action. Also, I want to add that once you sign up with the Empower Network, I will or whoever is your up-line (the person you signed up under) will help and assist you on methods to get traffic to your blogs. With more traffic, you can get more leads, and with more leads that means more sales. Not only that, but like I mentioned before, the back office the Empower Network supplies you with has an incredible amount of valuable training on how to blog, what to blog about, and how to get traffic. The Empower Network and Payments (.pensation Plan) The Empower Network has a amazing MLM .pensation plan because of its 100% .missions payout. This is 100% real and true. The reason this can be done, or at least one of the reasons is because their overhead is extremely low, since their products consists of online step-by-step training and digital courses. This allows them to PAY YOU 100% .missions ALL THE TIME. This is unlike other online businesses and other MLM that only give from 25%-75% .missions! For example, affiliate marketing (like Clickbank) pays up to 75% max, and probably very, very rarely above that. The Empower Network pays always 100%. No questions asked about how this is not the best MLM .pensation plan out there. Another thing that makes the Empower Network have a great .pensation plan is the products they have are HIGH PRICED! Its great! Why? .Because if your businesss products are low priced products like $20 each, then you will be taking 100% .mission, which is $20 per saleyay. But when they are high priced, the MONEY CAN STACK UP. Let me explain. The Empower Networks product line and the costs: $25 per month blogging platform $100 per month Inner Circle membership $500 Costa Rica Intensive mastermind $1,000 $15k Per Month Formula $3,500 Masters Course (This is the ONLY one that pays 85% .mission, but you still take home $3,000 per sale!) Now, lets see. So for EVERY PERSON that be.es a member of the Empower Network under your name, you can make up to $4,625 for that one person alone. AND $125 of that $4,625 is residual, or recurring each and every month for the REST OF YOUR LIFE (as long as you stay a member of course). Pretty cool huh. THATS PRETTY BOMB if you ask ME! One of the greatest .pensation plan? I think so! Another great thing about the .p plan is the pass-up sales from your own downline. The pass-ups work like this: you receive your downlines 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale they make there after. Here is a little more on the money making The plan causes just enough money to get passed up to you from your downline, which continues to repeat itself for those in your downline (for those that join the Empower Network under your downlines names), and it doesnt allow for only the TOP guys at the top to make all the money. THIS therefore serves as an incentive to help your team SUCCEED! THEY succeed and you succeed with them! IF YOU are interested in joining the Empower Network click on the links below and go to my blog and sign up from there. In my blogs at the very bottom there are banners to click and you are able to join! If you want to know more then enter your email on my blog posts where it says to enter your email, watch a video and sign up! Thank you for your time! —if you found this great pls .ment, if you think your business is better post a .ment and a link. I can check it out! Thanks! 相关的主题文章: