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Health Cigarette smoking is often linked to the reasons for the occurrence of fatal diseases like cancer. But, there are several other diseases too that might bother you a lot. Tooth problem is one such trouble that might bother you a lot. There are certain severe tooth problems that are caused due to the habit of smoking. Electronic cigarettes can help you avoiding these problems. There are several diseases that are caused due to the regular habit of smoking. Let us check out how we can keep ourselves safe from any such disease. Effect of Smoking on Caries or Tooth Decay: Nineteenth century dentists had a notion that smoking tobacco can protect your teeth against caries. Those days, dental surgeons used to think that if there is one benefit of smoking on earth that is the protection of tooth against caries. But, scientists could never prove that smoking is actually beneficial in any way possible. It has been found that often the tobacco leave bacteria in the mouth of the smokers. This aggravates the case of caries. Smokeless cigarettes can resist the possible occurrence of the problem of caries. Abrasion Caused Due to Smoking: Smoking a lot damages the surface of teeth. Abrasion is a damaged caused to the teeth due to the effect of smoking and holding the cigarette or pipe in the same position for long. This is a wearing process of the teeth that results in tooth decay. This problem mainly makes the long term smokers suffer a lot. People, who work in the textile mills, coal mines or several other dusty places, the problem gets worse as sand and dust particles make the process of abrasion faster. Processed tobacco might contain such gritty materials that further impair the surface of your teeth. Usually, the situation develops after years of using tobacco. But, nowadays, this problem is occurring even after smoking continuously for 3 to 4 years. If you smoke e cigarettes, the problem would not aggravate as electric cigarettes from South Beach Smoke do not contain tobacco at all. Tooth Erosion As a Result of Smoking: Tobacco smokers often .plain about the chemical dissolution of the enamel of teeth. Often the smokers face the problem of erosion of teeth due to smoking cigarette. There are several ill-effects of smoking. Teeth is probably the worst affected among the other parts of mouth. The major reason behind it is the direct exposure of teeth to the smoke and fume of tobacco. The smokers teeth are exposed to the direct ventilation of tobacco fume. If not the other dangerous diseases of tooth, yellowing and the brown stains are quite .mon. If you select the best electronic cigarettes instead, your teeth will surely remain somewhat safe from the dangerous effect of tobacco. According to the different e cig reviews, there are several dangerous after effects of smoking tobacco. There are many reasons for which, tobacco should not be inhaled or consumed in any possible form. But, tooth is something that helps you gauging the ill-effect of smoking on your health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: