Elanne Kwong reluctant to advance her boyfriend, said Cao Yunjin enjoy the joy of single-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Elanne Kwong said her boyfriend Cao Yunjin is unwilling to re advance single and enjoy the happy Elanne Kwong ifeng.com entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, Elanne Kwong, Vincy Chan and Michelle Wai usually rarely open in Figure 3, but today to watch for the female race as a model in childhood, Qi Qi wearing deep V evening show, very sexy. Elanne Kwong was asked before micro-blog announced their split with the mainland, the crosstalk Reds boyfriend Cao Yunjin she said: "do not want to repeat, are now enjoying happiness, we have to break up for a period of time!" Ask the next pick will choose Hongkong? She said: "love and love with Hongkong people have their own good, the most important thing is to find the right person!" As for Vincy Chan and Michelle Wai said in unison is rarely so sexy, and also wearing watches, action step difficult. In addition, Zhuang Siming are to attend the event, said Yang Ming last night in Singapore at the star awards and won the "TVB leap progress of artists, she said that she had the first time send SMS to congratulate her boyfriend. Do you feel like your boyfriend? She said, "I don’t know! Should ask him!"相关的主题文章: