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Egg quality is very important, how can I optimize the small eggs? Sohu want to maternal eugenics and ensure the quality of sperm and eggs, both are indispensable. So how to improve the quality of eggs? Beijing Tianlun Hospital experts remind during pregnancy is not mothers, there are 5 kinds of women must check the quality of eggs. 5 women need to check the quality of eggs 1, induced abortion. After artificial abortion, the sudden interruption of pregnancy, the sudden decline in hormone levels, thereby affecting the survival of eggs in the environment, affecting the quality and vitality of eggs. 2, smoking, drinking, insomnia, irregular diet. The toxicity of cigarettes can directly affect the egg, so that you enter menopause early, long-term smoking will affect the function of the ovary. Drinking, insomnia, irregular diet will have a serious negative impact on women’s reproductive health, leading to the decline in egg quality and fertility ability. 3, over the age of 35. From the beginning of the birth of a woman, the eggs with the woman with the way of life, environment, age will affect the quality of eggs. Female fertility is strongest at 25 years of age, after the age of 30 slow decline, after 35 years of rapid decline. 4, menstrual sexual life. Menstrual life can stimulate the body to produce anti sperm antibodies, causing pelvic infection, endometriosis, etc., to reduce the vitality of eggs. 5, patients with sexual disease. Most patients with sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease, destruction of female fallopian tube function, so that the vitality of the egg is greatly reduced. So, how to improve the quality of eggs? 1, in the best reproductive age conceived not only the best season, the best time, as well as the best age. The best female reproductive age is 23 – to 30 years old, this stage, the strongest vitality of eggs, grasp the best time to complete the task of pregnancy, is the most perfect way. Gold bearing age 2, learn to use the transient diet of women, that after this age will not be pregnant? Nature is not. It is necessary to work hard in order to extend the vitality of eggs. Contains a large number of plant protein in soybean products, can make stronger and healthier ovarian eggs, black beans which can prevent premature ovarian failure, ovulation, Soybean Milk can also regulate endocrine, women should eat more oh. The menstrual period will take away a lot of iron in the body, and iron can provide sufficient nutrients to the egg, so iron is the eternal task of women, menstruation eat spinach and animal offal is a good choice. 3, reasonable arrangement of life in no breeding plan must do contraceptive measures, each time to flow to the uterus and egg damage is irreversible, will let the ovary wall thinning, egg viability decreased. In addition, but also to avoid the menstrual period and other acts of life. 4, appropriate exercise to enhance the physical health of women, the lower the probability of the occurrence of chromosomal aberrations. Exercise can also enhance physical fitness, improve resistance, yoga, jogging, swimming and other sports are very suitable for women to do, while improving the quality of the body is also improving the quality of the egg.相关的主题文章: