Du Jia Ren Hunan provincial Party Secretary-polartec

Du Ren Hunan provincial Party Secretary of the CPC – Hunan daily news August 28th (reporter Xia Sifei Tang Ting Jia) this afternoon, the province’s leading cadres meeting held in Changsha. Vice Minister of the Central Organization Department Qi Yu attended the meeting and announced that the central decision: Comrade Ren Du cents Hunan provincial Party committee secretary, Xu Shousheng comrades no longer serve as the Hunan provincial Party committee, standing committee member, comrade Xu Dazhe chairman of Hunan Provincial Committee, deputy secretary. Xu Shousheng presided over the meeting and speech, speech by Du Jiahao, President of the Republic of China, China and the United States and china. Li Weiwei, Xiong Qingquan, Yang Zhengwu, Liu Fusheng, Wang Keying, Guo Kailang, Xu Yousheng, Chen Xiangqun, Zhang Wenxiong, Fu Kui, Yi Lianhong above, Huang Yuejin, Huang Guanchun, Huang Lanxiang, Han Yongwen and other provincial and sub provincial leading cadres serving old comrades, alternate member of the provincial Party committee, is mainly responsible for the provincial units, municipal Party chief, provincial enterprises responsible one, the main person in charge of the long provincial colleges, mainly responsible for the part in the Hunan central units and institutions, the democratic parties Provincial Committee, Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, the responsible person to attend the meeting. Xu Shousheng said fondly at the meeting, the provincial Party committee and government main leadership position adjustment, fully embodies the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the Hunan leadership, Hunan affirmation, trust and care, I firmly support the decision of the Central Committee and resolutely obey organization arrangement. Du cents comrades to Hunan as governor has won high recognition and all aspects of the province’s cadres and the masses in our area, more than 3 years, mutual trust and support, we are very happy to work, good partner and good comrades. I believe in Du cents comrades to monitor the provincial unity under the leadership of the cause of the province’s new Bureau, will be able to open the glory. Comrade Xu Dazhe is an outstanding leader cadre of innovative knowledge, expert, comrade Xu Dazhe, believe that after coming to Hunan, will be able to quickly integrate into the province’s cadres and the masses and the development of the cause, the expertise of advantage, create more new performance. Xu Shousheng said, in May 2010, I was transferred to Hunan from Gansu, came from the Loess red clay, from the high altitude regions to low altitude areas, it has been more than 6 years. These years, especially of the party since eighteen, we study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, earnestly implement the "four new concept of overall strategic layout and five big development, firmly grasp the" one "strategic positioning, a solid foundation in the history of the provincial government and the Hunan people from generation to generation under, seize the historic opportunity to overcome many difficult challenges, efforts to promote the" three volume ", and vigorously promote the" four modernizations "five type two" synchronous ", to promote the cause of the province’s step steadily, do not stop, every year new progress. We have always firmly grasp the development priority unswervingly, has always been to "never lose at the starting line of a new round of reform of the determination and courage to push forward the reform in major areas and key links, always adhere to the people-centered development thought do concentrate on people’s livelihood, unswervingly promote comprehensive strictly, adhere to hard work Xing Xiang the province’s comprehensive strength, and regional influence and surpass the power of reform and opening up steadily, accelerate the release of the bonus.相关的主题文章: