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Drunk drunk Quzhou kiln, come and take a look at our Zhejiang Quzhou dishes taste enough! Sohu eat and drink for the first time to eat authentic Quzhou dishes, the original Quzhou dishes so delicious, there are so many features, found himself before the Quzhou cuisine to understand too little! Tuzao ecological goose homepage first to a domineering, this is today’s first dish up. I think the most recommended dish is Jintang back fish stew cucumber, a big stove, fresh kills the back of the fish was served, garlic, pepper and perilla leaf ingredients according to their own taste and add their own service, cover and simmer for 8 minutes after ignition, boil, sprinkle with cucumber Tongzhu this time the fish taste best, fish fishbone like eel meat little taste, the soup is very delicious, especially the love! Quzhou duck, rabbit, duck is famous, this meal is my first time to eat the duck, another milepost, tongue trip for taste, we also let the service checkout before a number of duck and duck each disc, packing is best illustrated by. This season is just to eat mutton in Quzhou Changzhou, Fangcun mutton pot, small bowl of secret, I have always loved the lamb, but very picky, compared to the lamb and Linping positions before the lamb, Jiaxing Nanbei Lake hit Gan Town of mutton, absolutely is no less, no dry meat, meat fine and tough, and cuisine is also very tasty! Clam liver, is the first time to eat this combination, Quzhou is a unique combination of ingredients, liver slipped thin, tender slippery entrance students Q, love the pork liver will love this dish. Longyou Longyou sirloin stew wok, wok taste is very unique, and sirloin stew, is really a perfect match. Tofu is also a very unique fairy jianglangshan Quzhou local delicacy, slippery, that is the entrance, the tofu and cool detoxification effect. Dry pot of organic cauliflower, many stores are now very popular dry pot cauliflower, but with the Quzhou youth red pepper, Zizi Maoyou pork, taste and thick many. Chiba Tofu Pot 19 yuan a pot, feel the high price ah ~ this is definitely a return to the restaurant to eat, add one of the greatest characteristics: each dish especially rice, today I managed not to eat white Steamed Rice, next to the food less, boss!! A bowl of white Steamed Rice dishes ~ name: drunk drunk kiln in Quzhou address: Hangzhou Airport Road YZJ City Plaza two floor: 50 per capita (the other to the mall with the November 4th -11 6 opening ceremony, the three day 50 percent off) Sina micro-blog WeChat lucklily hi Tim @ public number: Hi Tim lucklily相关的主题文章: