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Do you give these lip care, then coated with lipstick what beauty from the point of the greasy makeup beauty books micro signal: BeautyIcom when the autumn wind blows, buddies began to think but we have to say: Lip Balm is a year-round homework! Recently, a small partner around the total asked: "why is the lipstick color is beautiful, painted on the mouth is very strange?" "Why buy a very moisturizing lipstick, mouth or skin?" All in all, are derived from the normal lip ignore you make lips unpleasant, it would not be too emotional? Nonsense not say today, with the ultimate esoteric and lip more than autumn and winter, spring and autumn and winter weather is dry, chapped lips but in spring and summer, strong ultraviolet radiation, the face will be generally like lip photoaging by so with SPF lip balm for protection is also important! Lip balm is Lip Cream facial sunscreen to know to isolation, but the lips more delicate if not used in wiping lipstick lip before in the course of time will find particularly easy peeling lips lip wrinkles deeper, lipstick effect is therefore greatly reduced whenever and wherever possible in addition to seasonal demand, lip makeup and demand, the environment is also important. The air conditioning room, aircraft, etc. in the dry environment, can also be especially need to nourish lips! Special lip remover products with facial makeup remover to unload the mouth, stimulate it carefully! The skin of the lips is so hard and so delicate to be kind to them! The attitude of the general market Lip Balm so nothing less than several: canned, tube, lipstick and special advantages and disadvantages of canned cute, but most portable who want to go on the road to make a hand to unscrew the lid and took out a brush to brush the mouth ah!!! The hose is portable, but the most dangerous inside usually filled with semi solid liquid if wear, it is easy to open a mouth red puff out flow is portable, but the hard paste lipstick tube of familiar twisted twisted open single hand can operate with a mouth whenever and wherever possible. But the cream is three. The most hard what? And alien? That’s probably for the party. Then look at what popular lip balm! Canned popular Lip Balm Blistex Bi lip medicinal effects blue tank $15 legendary "cleaner Savior." patients welfare contains mint, with blisters, ulcers, sedative and anti-inflammatory effects of damaged lips can certainly save moisture, moisturizing, exfoliating skin is not in words is also good light absorption Shimonoseki bond, is cheap however, after all is unbelievable to pharmaceutical products, with not too many times the most regret has been halted…… Rosebud Salve Rosebud $135 America a hundred years old, face and body can also be used to moisturize, dilute the lip can promote scald, rash and other small claims to accelerate the healing of mild baby diaper rash can use Kevin teachers have in the "Queen" in the EVE LOM KISS MIX recommended $16 Korean lipstick color try share around the lips by autumn! Natural beeswax lock water, mint cool calm contains Zinc Oxide for healing chapped lips is oily and texture paste, not greasy sticky lip for deep MM, there is a fade lip.相关的主题文章: