Do not miss the child reading training period, affecting the child’s life! Sohu –

Do not miss the child reading training period, affecting the child’s life! Sohu maternal and child, in fact, reading can nourish life and throughout life. Please take the children to the reading hall, you will find the original books in addition to the transmission of wisdom, you can also pass warmth and happiness. Since the birth of her daughter, we have been holding in the palm of her hand, she wants to eat what, want what toys, as long as it can be realized immediately. Come home from work, often see grandparents two people squatting in front of the children, looked at the children to eat them to buy things, expression is full of happiness. Most of the time, I will remind, to guide the children to know how to share, do not need to look at the child to eat, you eat, eat well together. Grandma and grandpa will take it for granted that we are not children, these things are specifically for children to eat, we like to watch her eat. Repeatedly discouraged no fruit, heart uneasy. Until one day something happened, only to find that her character makes me fear and distress. That day, sister-in-law to take small cousin to play at home. I was wondering when my daughter told me that my cousin was coming. She began to tidy up her toys and snacks, and put them in a secret corner. Little cousin to the sister-in-law, also with a lot of good fun. Daughter saw, very happy to stay in the things to eat and play next to leave. I was in the pile of things, took two packets of biscuits out, ready to give her daughter and cousin to eat together. And a packet of biscuits handed to her daughter, she personally handed over to the little cousin. Daughter is not willing to, very firmly said: "these are my favorite, I will not give cousin." Then the little cousin came up, and looked at her daughter’s cookies. The girl stared at the little cousin, took two packets of biscuits back to the room and closed the door. Little cousin began to cry…… After a while, the daughter came out of the room, she went straight to the table to eat and play to go, and took a few things to eat and play, and then back to the room, close the door. Sister-in-law busy comfort little cousin, I stood there, ashamed, I never knew that her daughter is so overbearing and understand sharing. I tried to communicate to her daughter, tell her the importance of sharing, but, her daughter did not listen. I was worried that the daughter heart is terrified, for me, these bad habits too terrible. After trying to correct the daughter, just used a lot of methods, have what effect, she still go its own way, all the things you love themselves, others can’t touch. So, to try to find her breakthrough point, no matter how hard it is, also be corrected, it is the urgent matter. Her daughter has been very love reading, especially love to look at picture books, it is worth your pride. May be starting from reading, may have talked about the "share" picture. So in the repeated screening, "stone soup" this book I made. In this book, I look at the early time, was also deeply moved by the story, stone soup, awakening a suffering to distrust the village!.相关的主题文章: