Deyang women’s barber shop looking for ex husband failed, on the spot wrist cut scene horrible

Deyang women’s barber shop to find her ex husband failed to spot the scene cut Shifang woman suspected too horrible to look at Cardiff in the barber shop cut recently, a woman in Shifang (micro-blog) in a barber shop cut wrist Dutch act, scene besmeared with blood. Reporters arrived at the downtown Shifang incident barber shop, the shop blood has been cleaned, but the wall is still visible traces of blood spatter. When it comes to the woman’s wrist cutting, the barber shop owner Liu still has a lingering fear. Liu recalled that the day the woman went to the barber shop, claiming to be looking for her runaway husband, it seems that she is divorcing her husband. Husband did not find her, I do not know why suddenly feeling out of control, pulled out a fruit knife, cut his wrist, suddenly blood pouring. Ms. Liao, a barber shop, told reporters that she and her colleagues were busy on the two floor of the barber shop, and did not notice the woman entering the store. She shouted in the shop and caught their attention, and she had turned the knife to her wrist, and the blood came out. Seeing that the woman suddenly cut her wrist to commit suicide, the barber shop immediately dialed the 110 call and the 120 emergency call. Police and medical personnel rushed to the scene, the woman is ready to be sent to the hospital for treatment, but the woman refused to cooperate, but also tried to break away from the police, the wrist has been bleeding. Eventually, the police sent the woman to Shifang two hospital for treatment. On the day of the interview, the reporter also rushed to the two hospital of Shifang, trying to find the woman know more, reporters can not into the ward, it was claimed to be the community street CDPF staff from. At present, the woman is still in hospital for treatment. Deyang (micro-blog) City radio and television reporter Yang Xianlong Liu Xingyu

德阳女子理发店找前夫未果当场割腕 现场惨不忍睹 什邡女子疑似为寻夫在理发店割腕 近日,一女子在什邡(微博)市区一家理发店割腕自杀,现场血迹斑斑。记者赶到位于什邡闹市区的事发理发店时,店内的血迹已清洗干净,但墙上依然可见鲜血喷溅的痕迹。谈及当时该女子割腕的情形,理发店的老板刘先生仍然心有余悸。刘先生回忆称,当天该女子到理发店自称是为了寻找她离家出走的老公,似乎她正在和她老公闹离婚。没有找到老公的她,不知为何突然情绪失控,掏出一把水果刀,将自己的手腕割破,顿时鲜血如注。理发店店员廖女士告诉记者,事发时她和同事正在理发店二楼忙碌,没注意到该女子走进店内。她在店内大声喧哗引起了她们的注意,此时她已将刀划向了自己的手腕,血液涌了出来。看见该女子突然割腕自杀,理发店马上拨打了110报警电话和120急救电话。民警和医护人员赶到现场后,准备将该女子送到医院急救,但该女子拒不配合,还试图挣脱警察,手腕一直淌着鲜血。最终,警方还是将该女子送到了什邡二医院进行治疗。采访当天,记者也赶到什邡二医院,试图找到该女子了解更多情况,可记者还没有进入病房,就遭到自称是社区街道办残联的工作人员的阻扰。目前,该女子仍在医院接受治疗。德阳(微博)市广播电视台记者杨贤隆 刘星昱相关的主题文章: