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Deng Jiajia responded to empty the truth about micro-blog denied exit Entertainment (Figure) – Beijing Deng Jiajia Beijing, September 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 6 days, TV drama "fury hero" launch conference held in Beijing, director Mao Weining, screenwriter Wang Chenggang, starring Wang Lei, Deng Jiajia, Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo attended. For the sudden emptying of micro-blog, Deng Jiajia said to the fans that I am sorry, I did not expect such a move to bring you no need to worry about. I did not withdraw from the entertainment, emotional life is normal. But I think in the future would like to choose a place like it again". "Hero" to sell poison Anti Japanese anger as the theme, tells the story of the Japanese invaders during the Anti Japanese war in Chinese secret opium trade, met with Yuan Shuai (Wang Leishi), Guan Shuang (Deng Jiajia) as the representative of the youth revolt story progress. Why did the director Mao Weining and the screenwriter, Wang Chenggang, want to shoot a sister in the war of youth? Director Mao Weining introduced, at that time was to want to shoot a "war of youth," a sequel, but Yuanke Wang was pregnant, and then changed into a sister article, and then continued the actor Wang Lei." Chose Deng Jiajia as the female lead, hair guide: "they are like we want to feel our quarrelsome lovers, the story takes place in Shanghai, to maintain a character pattern to make a difference, Deng Jiajia is consistent with this standard." From left to right: Deng Jiajia, Wang Lei, Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo director Mao Weining took six works for six years, the actor is Wang Lei, "because not familiar, but because he can create something better." This time, Wang Lei changed the "Youth" in the war Fujiazidi impression in the bottom figures, horses in Deng Jiajia’s home, in their own home fried Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. He also played the role of a horse and the martial arts master, Wang Lei said, "I will be a little martial arts, parents are martial arts, how much influence from them a little", he also stressed that "this is a realistic martial arts, martial arts drama is not mine." It is no doubt that the war drama is hard to take. Wang Lei revealed that he had a small scratch when filming, "our show is safe.". Back from the motorcycle fell down again, the car hit my leg, just rub a little skin, then ride to tenth meters, slanting, too narrowly." Wang Lei had taken a number of war themes, and impressed the audience. He said in an interview: "now is not particularly willing to shoot the theme of war, but our" hero "style writer anger is very familiar to me, a good sense of humor, good rhythm, and familiar with the team, but also have a breakthrough, so they also have the cooperation." A photo of Wang Lei and Deng Jiajia in the creative "hero" in anger turned anti drug evil ", which is second times of their cooperation. Following the 2013 "where is happiness", the two became friends. Deng Jiajia broke the news that the Dalian boy, especially good at seafood, Wang Lei, every day to do good to me. The most famous is Liquor-Soaked Crabs zuixia." Not long ago, Deng Jiajia suddenly emptied micro-blog, sparked concern and suspicion, and even rumors that she wants to quit the entertainment industry. Conference site相关的主题文章: