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"Dad" Louis Koo peeling at the Tokyo Wu Zhenyu father and son suction eye – Sohu entertainment "peeling dad" screened at the Tokyo Film Festival International Edition posters of Wu Zhenyu and his son Feynman and Louis Koo set foot on the red carpet opening Sohu entertainment news October 25th, twenty-ninth Tokyo International Film Festival in Tokyo fantasy comedy film "Roppongi, warmth" as the main competition unit peeling dad movies opening Tokyo, director Stuart Huizhuo, screenwriter Dian Dian Yan, starring Wu Zhenyu, Louis Koo, Cai Jie debut the day of the spring and summer, the opening ceremony of the red carpet, but it is worth mentioning that, in the film in "special show?" Feynman identity appearance with dad Wu Zhenyu with a surprise appearance. During the festival, "Dad" will be peeling and the other 15 nominees for best film award for the golden kylin and other important awards, and held the world premiere of the creative and media, fans will exchange site. In addition, peeling "Dad" screened at the Tokyo Film Festival International Poster version also will be exposed. The red carpet funny faces Wu Zhenyu Louis Koo Feynman’s father and son suction eye in the afternoon, "Dad" cast a peeling debut at the Tokyo Film Festival opening ceremony of the red carpet. For a long time did not appear in public with father Feynman Wu Zhenyu attended, wearing a black dress walking the red carpet from time to time he funny faces, it is understood that Feynman has performed the scenes in "father" is peeling, is his big screen debut. With the father and son Louis Koo walk the red carpet together in the movie is the son of Wu Zhenyu, the two people composed of father and son to become a major part of the film. This year the awards by "riding for blood" after the award has been keeping a low profile after 90 flowers of spring and summer, is dressed in a sling dress color appearance with her red carpet walk, Cai Jie also starred in the "tap" for blood, "Dad" is the second film peeling two Co. The movie "peeling dad" adapted from the Hongkong repertory theatre director Stuart Huizhuo 2011 directed the stage play of the same name, which originated from the famous Japanese playwright Dian Dian Dian Dian Yan Yan’s works, as the film’s screenwriter also attended the red carpet together with a media interview. It is understood that the film "Dad" tells the story of 79 year old desquamate dementia dad suddenly began to molt and Tian Yixiong becomes young, returned to their different periods of 60, 52, 37, 28, 19 in seven days, is in the life the plight of the son of Tian Li do so again participation and understanding the father’s life, to find the direction of life…… The film style fantasy film for warmth and 15 gold prize "Dad" kylin peeling trip to Tokyo international poster with the film festival’s opening exposure, her old father Wu Zhenyu and son Louis Koo and played on the sofa, seems to be in remembrance of the old times, Yu Wuzhen with emotion, Louis Koo’s eyes glistened, quiet picture and warm. The father and son behind the wall is designed to become a sense of peeling, with the film title and back time, the color of the echoes, the whole poster highlights the theme of the film and the theme of his father and son and the style of fantasy warmth. According to the Tokyo Film Festival Organizing Committee, the main competition finalists of the total of 16 films, involving history, immigration, thriller.相关的主题文章: