Crazy people live webcast 2020 will be leveraging hundreds of billions of funds homefront

Crazy people live webcast: 2020 will be leveraging hundreds of billions of funds the original title: crazy people live webcast: 2020 or will be leveraging hundreds of billions of funds in Beijing reported this reporter Li Zeyu flourishes legend, crazy chase capital, 2016 webcast is full of myths. Data show that the domestic online operation of the broadcast platform has more than 200, the market size has reached 9 billion yuan, the network reached the size of the user reached 235 million, accounting for the total number of Internet users of 45.8%. The research reported that gold online, 2020 webcast will be leveraging billion scale funds. The time has come for a live broadcast, "perhaps this is a revolution." Crazy live November 16th morning, the well-known Internet broadcast platform "dragon live" CEO Chen Qidong sent staff to confirm the internal mail, Suning’s cohesion media (PPTV) through the acquisition of equity investment made a series of live dragon 100% stake. So far, Suning has become Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Wanda and other enterprises, and a strong layout of the Internet in the field of business giants. Internet day mission B.A.T." In the game, as the main profit point of walking in the forefront of the Tencent on the Internet, they are also one of the shareholders of the Dragon live. In the dragon ball make equity after the broadcast platform currently holds a stake in the Tencent still have 8, but there will be brewing Internet broadcast system for the WeChat platform, not in the 8 column. Investors are showing the enthusiasm of the Internet broadcast platform for the future full of confidence. According to AI media consulting released data show that the current China online broadcast platform has exceeded the number of 200, the current network broadcast market size of about 9 billion yuan, live network users reached 235 million, accounted for 45.8% of the total number of Internet users. According to AI media consulting predicts that by the end of 2016, the number of live users will reach 312 million people, equivalent to half of China’s Internet users. Research Report of gold online is that 2020, the webcast will be leveraging on the scale of billions of funds. From the beginning of the first half of 2015, China’s webcast opened a new era, basically synchronized with the pace of the world." Claiming to have 10 years of experience live seven (net) "China Times" said in an interview with reporters, "in the second half of last year, entered a pretty crazy stage, a landmark event including Wang Sicong created the panda TV game, the transfer price of Korean female anchor anchor, entered the China live on the market. At that time, there will be a certain social impact, not just confined to the original market range, to 2016, the whole society has a new understanding of the webcast." The seventh is currently registered since the legal company, and a district in Beijing city in Chaoyang District rented a half storey residential, he will own the industry called "red incubator", also called "red net factory". According to the seventh, only in the presence of the same area, he has"相关的主题文章: