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Mobile-Cell-Phone Copper Mobile, one of the most renowned names in the world of mobile app development, has provided enterprises with more than a hundred successful applications ever since the launch of the Apple iPhone. With a presence that spreads across continents, this mobile application development .pany operates from offices in the US, the UK and India. The most experienced developers from Fortune 100 .panies have .e together to work from Dallas, London and Noida and design mobile app development solutions for large enterprises across the globe. The vision of Copper Mobile remains to help in growth & mobility of businesses by fostering understanding and access to mobile devices. Headquartered in Dallas, Copper Mobile has recorded an impressive growth in a span of a few years to provide mobile app development solutions to a respected clientele. The operations in the business unit has effectively been spearheaded by a hard working team that has made use of unique talent, .petitive strength and expertise to grow into one of the largest mobile app development units of the world. Services Provided by Copper Mobile 1. Enterprise Mobile App Development Development solutions are provided to major platforms like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows OS, Android, Mobile Web, etc. 2. Mobility Consulting Deployment, Strategic Planning, and Network Integrations are the chief services provided under this section. 3. Licensing Solutions Cloud Solutions, Product Showcase, VOIP, Dashboard Application, and TimeSheet Application are some of the chief licensing solutions provided. 4. Engagement Models BOT and Team Extension are the main formats provided under the section. Vision of Copper Mobile 1. The team of professionals working with Copper Mobile aim at result oriented processes to deliver cost effective and on time mobile app development solutions for your enterprise. Choosing Copper Mobile will put you in the safe hands of development, design, and marketing teams that are sure to provide you with the exact results you had envisioned. In order to work towards quality and sustainable growth, and to achieve the globally set standard of mobile app development, we at Copper Mobile follow some basic principles: 2. Customer Orientation The customer is our first priority. We believe that it is the target audiences wishes which have to be kept in mind for creating mobile app solutions. 3. Quality Our chief goal is to deliver services and products that will be placed at the top of the quality checklist of mobile app solutions. 4. Innovation It is our endeavor to strive towards giving you new and unique ideas when it .es to mobile app solutions for enterprises. 5. Integrity and Ethics Our services are backed by a .mitment of wholehearted cooperation and legally & qualitatively ethical attempts. Industries Benefitted by Copper Mobile Copper Mobile provides mobile app development solutions to a number of industries. Some such industries are listed below: 1. Enterprise Asset management, cloud services, and VoIP are Copper Mobiles forte. 2. Healthcare Appointment & billing management and patient .munication are some services provided. 3. Financial Services Insurance, bill management, and banking solutions are the subdivisions supported. 4. Education Copper Mobile looks after e-learning, enrollment, and schedule management. 5. Media Content delivery, training, and customer retention are some sections supported. 6. Government Copper Mobile serves federal, state, defense, and local departments of government. 7. Supply Chain Order & inventory management, delivery & GPS, and manufacturing are some sections served. 8. Field Services GPS tracking, and work order & invoice managements are some sections supported. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: