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Communication: Chinese shared prosperity in Hainan – poverty alleviation returnees Beijing – China News Agency, Hainan Baisha 23 October Xinhua: Chinese shared prosperity of Hainan poverty alleviation agency in new multi reporter Fu Meibin returned out of the country far away from the Commission, for the master." More than 200 thousand overseas Chinese were forced to return to mainland China from Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia in the middle and late twentieth Century. Among them, Hainan is the 5 overseas Chinese farm in Hainan and 42 farming in the resettlement of returnees. Located on the western Longjiang state farm in Hainan Province, there are 5 returnees resettlement of residents, the refugee population of 1154 people. The Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese chairman Liu Yufu said that in recent years, overseas Chinese Federation returned overseas Chinese who guide the farm in the rubber plantation under captive chicken and other poultry and the development of apiculture, to increase revenue. At present, the overseas Chinese farm team has been the emergence of a number of sheep, cattle and beekeeping specialist. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Baisha Li Autonomous County Federation has allocated 60 thousand yuan (below) to replace the water pipes for Jin Bo and the Longjiang overseas Chinese team. Reinforced Longjiang farm returnees per household housing standard of 60 square meters of concrete structure pingdingfang, individual invested 16 thousand yuan, a part of state subsidies. The reporter saw in the gold Boqiao team here, surrounded by mountains on three sides, one for the late autumn season, the mountain lake, still green, white walls were flat residents numbered floor orderly, nestled in the lake among the trees. Returnees in live and work in peace. Mango has been planted more than 1 thousand strains, an annual increase of income of 3 to $40 thousand." Kim Boqiao team vice captain Chen Hanfu led the reporter walked into his office, while zhencha side said that in 1978 he returned with his parents to the site is returned from Vietnam, the second generation, three children, the children have graduated from college to work in Haikou, two or three children were enrolled in high school and." Chen Hanfu is the first farm workers, after the rise of grassroots cadres, the monthly salary is basic salary plus performance. "Teach fish to fish."." In June 16th this year, Hainan province received Resettlement Office (hereinafter referred to as "Indo Chinese refugees in Hainan Province security difficult") to organize training mango cultivation technology in gold Boqiao team, returned overseas Chinese who learned a lot, a lot of growth of mango cultivation knowledge. Founded in 1951, Hainan booming overseas Chinese farm, has placed from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries and regions of the 21 returned more than 10000. After half a century of development and construction, improve the housing conditions of workers, workers, medical care, children of farm school. In July 4, 2016, jointly organized by the Hainan province and Hainan Province Nongken difficult Hainan Provincial Federation of refugee children occupation skill training class ", more than 40 refugee children from the province’s overseas Chinese farm and farm, for a period of two months of employment skills training. According to the Hainan provincial security difficult deputy director Lin Mingzheng introduced in recent years, has held many refugee children employment training, training for cooking, clothing technology, computer application technology, such as beauty salons. At the same time also engaged in fruit trees and economic crops planting experts, to teach technology difficult living residence. In 2016, the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan province allocated 300 thousand yuan to)相关的主题文章: