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"Cloud picture" Kim Yoo Jung daughter pink flowers restore full screen entertainment Tencent (Wen Qiaosen) "clouds Moonlight" Pu Baojian firmly to give their love Kim Yoo jung. Finally open the door of the Jin Yuzhen closed. In the 19 episode of KBS2 drama on fire "cloud painted Moonlight", with filial piety wangshizi Li Ying (Pu Baojian ornaments) to Nvbannanzhuang Hong Lewen (Jin Yuzhen ornaments) confession. Li Ying of Hong Lewen fessing, "you are the world to me the most important woman, I will shelter you, treasure you with my whole life." However, Hong Lewen has retreated a step, said "although as a woman, but never lived as a woman." In order to reject the sincerity of Li Ying. After the flood, Lewen has been shunned by Li Ying. Hong Lewen said, "I am fool in adults and the whole palace officer of sinners, what face to see this crystal clear highness." Li Ying asked Hong Lewen, "don’t you know I’ve been waiting for you?" Hong Lewen, but asked, "your highness and really do not know? Such a humble me in the palace so complex rules in difficult life, if not within the officer’s identity, how could I keep around in your highness?" At this time, Li Yingyi was speechless. In addition, Zhao Xiayan (Cai Xiubin) told Hong Lewen their love filial piety Shizi, Hong Lewen because of this incident the heart becomes more complicated. The Hong Lewen filial piety will send her son to request the court, saying the kindness in this life will not forget. Filial piety son said, "the first time you asked me to do it, you really want to leave the palace?" The answer is a firm Lewen hong. Filial piety at Shizi always push yourself away from Hong Lewen himself, very angry. Then, filial piety son said, "I regret it, should have to pretend not to know, I knew that as long as there is a little gap you will want to escape, I will for you is an officer or a woman in trouble, can not understand you, say I’m sorry. Even if this is the case, you do not insist on it? Not somewhere else, right next to me." Once again to Hong Lewen advertisement. At the same time, also by Lewen Hong Yong Wen Princess (Xu Tingen ornaments) hand signal that Li Ying’s words, "I love you, not love, is you, so please don’t leave me, please stay with me." Later, Hong Lewen wearing women’s clothes, automatic speaking, "mother, I am also good, this ten years, although very tired, but I have grown up." Then, wearing a woman’s clothes hung, came to Li Ying in front of. Li Ying said, "as a woman appears to you, how should we call it?" Hong, Lewen replied, "I called, Lewen hong." And tell his real name to lee. Li Ying gentle summonshe Le Wen "two words, a bright smile. "Cloud painted Moonlight" Ultimate Trailer Park sword Kim Yoo Jung sadomasochistic love exposure相关的主题文章: