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Chongqing started the Science Day promotional activities cited public perception of Science in the new network for the public to wear "drunken glasses" portraits. Zhong Yi photo Beijing, Chongqing, September 18, (Zhong Yi) officially launched in 2016 in Chongqing City, National Science Day "and popular culture into the vanguard activities 18, science day the dream of flying innovation technology leading the future" as the theme, the local will integrate all science education resources, let people feel cheerful atmosphere in the charm of science. Launch ceremony site, intelligent robot display, creative home display, unmanned aerial vehicle display experience, VR experience, such as the activities of the crowd surging, many passers-by were attracted by the warm atmosphere to stop the experience. Chongqing Institute of science and technology to explore the experience of the introduction of the center of the United States 5 R & D drunk glasses for the public to experience drunk driving". People wear different models of drunken glasses, by looking for coins, painting portraits, walking curves and other forms of "drunk" vertigo. "Drunken glasses is our new experience this year to introduce products, through popular science show, inviting the public to experience, have a good social response." Chongqing City Institute of science and technology to explore experience center science base for Zhang Qiyi said, wearing glasses experience drunk, like to go to a "new world", the public is drunk, the slow reaction, the eyes of the space become distorted, to grasp the degree of variation of space and distance. Zhang Qiyi admitted that many people experience, drunk driving has a more intuitive experience, played a certain role in vigilance. "I usually like to play the ‘Lego’ splicing toy. They can exercise my hands and mind." The spirit of customer experience at the cloth city planet Science Museum, 3 grader Gong Ziyao this year in the company of my grandfather in the best of spirits playing mosaic blocks hit off the game". The science museum, said the staff, creating a guest game can develop the child’s comprehensive ability and space imagination, for children to accept the knowledge of science and technology is of great significance. Built by Chongqing City Nanshan Botanical Garden Management Office "when the pumpkin in Pumpkin" popular science exhibition area, more than 60 kinds of different forms of pumpkin fruits of the genus Duorenyanqiu, people are driven by volunteers to draw a pumpkin mask. Nanshan Botanical Garden Management Office chief science Ju Xueyong told reporters, according to the Nanshan botanical garden of garden plants not regularly organize related science activities, the theme for the public interest, edible and ornamental value high varieties. Let people feel the real knowledge and their lives are closely related, in order to effectively achieve popular science." It is understood that the science day of the campaign, not only Chongqing science and Technology Museum, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, Garden Expo, Chongqing crocodile center 16 science education base for citizens of all or part of the free opening, will also hold all kinds of rich and colorful science activities, to stimulate public enthusiasm.相关的主题文章: