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Biography of the girls killed in the case of the trial of the families of the suspects appear in court – Sohu news victim Zhou Yunlu’s father walked into the court with sunglasses. Li Sida’s father with a mask did not answer questions directly into the court. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo Beijing News News (reporter Liu Yang) this morning, the girls from the concern of the murder case in Beijing City Court hearing. In the name of the film, the defendant, Zhou Yunlu, was deceived by a female classmate, and she was brutally murdered. She was charged with manslaughter and was put on trial. At 8:55 in the morning, Wang’s father was wearing a gray jacket appeared outside the court, he was wearing a mask looked haggard, the reporter walked quickly. Before him, Zhou Yunlu’s parents arrived at the court at 8, waiting in the car. Zhou Yunlu’s father, a face of anger, he said, after the accident Lester party did not contact him, no apology, he wanted to lie to death. The amount of the claim for specific criminal incidental civil action, the family did not mention. Last August 9th, the 22 year old Communication University of China 2014 grade art school of master Zhou Yunlu, the same school classmate Li Sida lured to the rental and brutally murdered. In August 11th, near Lester Media University Inner Mongolia hotel by the police control. According to the survey, the incident Li Sida to shoot the movie actress will be about to come out on the grounds, in order to make sure that he believes that he also wrote the script, is a girl was tied to the play of the play, and so on, in order to make sure that she would be able to do so, as well as to make sure that he would be able to make a movie, the girl is not the only way to make a movie. In the rental house, Lester to misconduct against Zhou Yunlu, the opposition after the move to kill. Reporters learned that, during the Zhou Yunlu has also been an alarm, but was robbed of a phone call to deceive the police fake address. A year later, during Lester to accept the prosecution interrogation, filed murder, he seems surprisingly calm, "I want to find a stimulus to vent, law-abiding, killing someone in a dream, I haven’t done this dream, when your life is determined, when internal and external pressures, will inevitably make what extreme ideas." "She is an innocent victim, she touched me…… Repentance will be appropriate, but now still indifferent……" Li Sida said that he wanted to commit suicide, think we should kill vent before they die, "I used a kind of hysteria or unscrupulous practices, commit suicide before doing what cannot be redeemed." January 6, 2016, Li Sida was detained for 5 months, his defender to the prosecution to apply to Li Sida psychiatric forensic. In August 3rd of the same year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau compulsory treatment management office issued a judicial identification center, psychiatric forensic opinion, Lester showed no mental illness, the implementation of the violations, without the ability to identify and control the symptoms of mental disorders caused by, as full criminal responsibility. In August 24, 2016, Lester suspected of intentional homicide, by the Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate third branch prosecution. This morning, the case in Beijing city court hearing, involving privacy, not public hearing.相关的主题文章: