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Motivation Self-esteem is an integral part of the human psychology. It is essential for every individual to possess self-esteem in order to achieve success in relationships, career and personal life. For an individual who suffers from a lack of self-esteem, life will be an uphill walk that will drain their energy even before they reach half way up. In fact, studies have proven that low self-esteem can even transform into depression causing the person severe damage in personal life and in career. Human psychiatric theories put self-esteem right in the centre of a persons character which is responsible for shaping up of a persons character and his responses to various pleasant and unpleasant situations. If you deduce yourself to posses low self-esteem due to which you seem fail to garner the necessary attention and respect from your peers and near ones, it is time to make some positive changes in life that will helpbuild your self-esteem. Self-esteem is a sense of self-worth. A person with high self-esteem will be aware of his or her personal strengths and weakness. They understand people from a deeper level and treat with them .passion and equality. They know their own self worth and appreciate the actions of others in the right sense without interpreting anything negatively or vaguely. In other words, self esteem is the basis on which people develops confidence in themselves to talk, behave and to project themselves before others. We all have met people who slack in their attitude and behavior. They leave us wondering as what tragedy could have occurred to them that has left them reeling in self-apathy and low self-esteem. It is worthwhile to know that the incidents that happen in the childhood have a significant effect on how a person grows up into an adult. For instance, a person who as a child if have been reprimanded heavily for his small mistakes and mischief will grow up into a person who lacks self esteem. They start living life in a wrong belief that they everything they do or try is a mistake or wrong that deserve to be punished or ignored by others. Needless to say when such adults be.e part of a large ecosystem like a corporation or a daily their attitude begins to rub off with other people who will despise them and eventually neglect them for what they are. The Trivedi Effect is an .anization that offers training on how to build your self esteem. Their spiritual wellness programs are of great relief to individuals who lack of self-esteem and are left clueless on how to seek for low esteem help . Mahendra Trivedi, the master spiritual guide through his application of the energy transmission process infuses into people a new mental energy that repairs all negative thoughts and personal trauma that would have led to a feeling of low self esteem or lack of confidence. The Trivedi Effect is also an effective solution for imbibing positive changes in life that is otherwise filled with uncertainty and worries. About : – The Author is associated with the Trivedi Effect and have written many articles and blogs on how to build your self esteem , health and welless, spiritual enlightenment etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: