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Brokerage strategy weekly: the periphery still had disturbance steady for the preferred habitat Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls last week due to the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, two, only three trading days, and by the external market crash impact superposition holiday Qingcang holiday effect, two appeared to some extent. The final last week, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3002.85 points, down 2.47%; Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10454.24 points, down 2.87%; gem index closed at 2144.56 points, down 2.65%. Last week, a downward trend in all industries, including real estate, leisure services, electronics, building materials, utilities and other industries a relatively small decline; the theme of investment, the northern Gulf FTA, graphene, Tesla, apple, Xinjiang regional revitalization, smart wearable is relatively strong. Changjiang Securities: currently do not see the conditions of the market system down (earnings growth significantly worsened or significantly increased interest rates), the market will maintain the shock pattern. It is noteworthy that the degree of concern for foreign investment in the A-share market continues to rise, the future of A shares into the MSCI market may be expected to be more than A. The Milky Way Securities: the central bank to restart the 28 day reverse repurchase, flat capital fluctuation; August data showed the economy gradually pick up, still need to be wary of the real estate bubble; FOMC meeting on the eve of the global market is not calm, or short-term risk aversion will increase; focus on the theme of financial force, focusing on the layout of PPP, the supply side reforms, the reform of state-owned enterprises related to the subject. GF Securities: if interest rates continue to remain stable, the market will remain in the passivation stage, may still not fall". But to be alert to the stage of the possibility of interest rate to deviate from the market before the end of the year, and the "passivation" to be broken down, once there is a real Jiancang signal. Tianfeng Securities: the policy of "anti risk, exchange rate fluctuations and other factors may increase in the short term the market risk preference rate probably inhibit the formation of" asset shortage "will also build the market down boundary. The current market is in the upper edge of the shock zone, should continue to be cautious". Southwest Securities fell last week: the market may be more of a mood impact, with the future pattern of investors gradually realize that the development of the market is gradually improved, the market big probability will rebound, return to the pre slow upward pattern of shocks. Xiangcai Securities: in the absence of significant opportunities to the case, it is difficult for the market to appear the global broad market, short-term market will enter the stock selection period, with support for the performance of the undervalued stocks still have a chance. Haitong Securities for a robust to external force, the market entered the consolidation phase of policy environment variables increases, the market entered a consolidation phase. Since the end of January the market entered the middle stage of shock, at present, the domestic and foreign policy environment variables increases, the short-term market increasing challenges. September 16th U.S. CPI data released slightly more than expected – in August, an increase of 1.1% CPI, higher than the expected 1%, the core CPI grew by about 2相关的主题文章: