Beijing – VIDEO – visit the typhoon hit Fujian Yongchun Town Village area flooded eight hundred year-actv

Beijing – VIDEO – visit the typhoon hit Fujian Yongchun Town Village area flooded eight hundred years old bridge cut to repair visits to typhoon hit Fujian Yongchun Town Village area flooded eight hundred years old bridge cut to repair [comment] fourteenth year typhoon "Meranti" landing in Fujian Xiamen, a road rage raid the southern region. September 20th, China News Agency reporters and his party continue to walk in Quanzhou, the field of post disaster reconstruction of Quanzhou speed. [comment] has 800 years of history, Fujian Dongguan Quanzhou Yongchun County Bridge in 7 hours after landfall, was a raging flood on the 15 day at 10:30 in the morning, brutally cut". This is located in Lake Creek, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing 15 years old bridge is the local traffic arteries. Commonly known as "Xian qiao". 20 morning, the reporters came here, around the East Gate Bridge has been Weidang, remind passers-by Caution. The reporter saw, the only Gallery roof beam bridge the bridge in the middle of the southern region, some 20 meters have been destroyed by floods, the bridge was washed away part of wood. Local villagers told reporters that the lake and mountain Yang Xi together in Dongguan section, instantaneous water flow is too large, the east off the bridge doomed. The same period [] local villagers Chen water is particularly large, mainly with the bamboo forest tree will be stuck, rushed to the deck, then an hour before all washed away, usually very busy a lot of people come to visit, especially overseas Chinese are a lot of people come to visit. The same period [] Mr. Chen that many local villagers can leisure, shelter, people passing by, can also be here to enjoy the cool, a lot of people. [comment] the reporter noted that the peripheral Dongguan bridge, there are a lot of people will stop after, take pictures. The same period [] Yongchun County dongguanzhen East Village Secretary Xu Xueqing beauty Dongguan bridge has more than and 800 years of history, is our spiritual wealth, this was destroyed by floods, the villagers are deeply saddened, before returning overseas Chinese came to see the bridge, the whole bridge carrying their nostalgia, then I will fully cooperate with the superior government village to repair the Dongguan bridge work, so that the villagers have convenient transportation and leisure places. [comment] then, the reporter drove to the Yongchun County town of Ocean Lake, in the typhoon disaster, Hu Yang Zhen transfer of population 1195 people, 3711 houses were damaged, highway interrupted 44 times, destroyed 10 power stations dam 67, the total direct economic losses of up to 308 million yuan. [comment] Hu Yang Town Village beautiful lotus from four points at 15, it began to rain, heavy rain lasted five or six hours, the average water level of 1.5 meters. The village more than 2/3 houses all soaked in water, 163 village houses collapsed. In the Lotus Village, Village Road, the reporter saw, everywhere visible contiguous civil structure houses severely damaged. Many villagers around the house collapsed. Take advantage of the fine, the villagers to pick up the flood soaked clothes to dry furniture. [comment] village Party Secretary Zheng Jianwen told reporters that there is a self built water village, after repairs have been on the evening of 17 villagers on the recovery of water supply. [interpretation] reporter learned that, after the disaster, social road相关的主题文章: