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Beijing – VIDEO – disabled rural doctors for 27 years and neighbors suffering illness [comment] the 54 year old doctor Tan Zhirong, because of polio, he was on crutches and a wheelchair in the suffering of life, he was determined to be a doctor, to help more people from sickness. 27 years of practice, he did not forget the early heart, with lofty medical ethics, superb skills to win with praise, known as "Jen medical wheelchair". In November 22nd, the reporter came to Chengdu juntun town in Xindu District Hospital, see the doctor Tan in the busy, although already near the work time, but to come to treatment, the patient is still in a continuous line. The reporter saw the scene, every patient come to interrogation and Dr Tam and communication, there is no sense of restraint, the doctor also kindly explain Tan cultivation suggestions and medicinal methods carefully. Wu Dan has been back spasms after careful treatment after the doctor Tan, she felt a lot better now, Dr. Tan in the course of treatment is also very warm very carefully. The same period [] (Chengdu juntun town of Xindu District residents Wu Dan tan) during the treatment to my doctor are more concerned about me, every time when he started doing traction, to teach me how to adjust, adjust to the comfortable degree, then every day a little every day a little do adjust traction, just start the acupuncture (acupuncture) also has a little pain, but he said the pain after the good, then I will endure, listened to his words with many times is good medicine. [comment] why the doctor said to his doctor, Tan mentioned, because their body is not convenient, compared to other occupation, do doctors move less more suitable for them, practice rescue is their childhood dreams, but also through their own careful treatment of traditional Chinese medicine from paralysis to now can walk, even in suffering harm know pain. The same period [] (Chengdu doctor juntun town of Xindu district hospitals Tan Zhirong) I was two and a half because of polio, the right lower limb is paralyzed, bring inconvenience so always give my action, I was through acupuncture (acupuncture) me from lying in bed to tie up, plus eat medicine, I eat a lot of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment by then with, so I can walk from paralyzed until now, so I determined to learn medicine, I have this pain for the same person, gave them to cure Lv Yang Tang Yancheng reports相关的主题文章: