Before September 30th Dalian new employees can apply for family housing guarantee qualification — r

Before September 30th Dalian new employees can apply for family housing guarantee qualification — real estate — original title: before September 30th new employees can apply for family housing guarantee qualification report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Jian) yesterday, reporters from the city housing security center was informed that before September 30th (except holidays), new employees families where the unit is located the community to apply for housing guarantee qualification, guarantee qualification, will be included in our annual security coverage plan. The applicant must have 4 conditions: a full-time diploma and above, graduates under the age of 5 years; and four City employers to sign labor contract for more than 1 years or entrepreneurial; continuous payment of more than 6 months of social insurance premiums in four city for the day before the date of application; 5 years ago, for family members in four City (including high-tech zones) and not have no housing (including public housing tenant). The application needs of 5 kinds of materials: family members for the statement of commitment book; "Dalian city public rental housing security applications" (new employees family); apply for family identity card, residence booklet, residence, proof of marriage (single staff required to provide a single statement, ensure personal recognizance and signature of the human fingerprint); resources and social security department finds that the application form for examination and approval; the applicant and family members of the household housing certificates (only four Hukou city and high-tech zones to provide). After examination of the application of the family can enjoy the housing Yaohao protection, security is divided into two types of housing and currency. Housing security area of 40 square meters per household, subsidies for a period of 5 years. Monetary subsidies in different districts. In Zhongshan, Xigang, Shahekou District, housing, 900 yuan per person per month subsidy subsidy 600 yuan per person per month, master, undergraduate and post-secondary education subsidy 300 yuan per person per month; rent in Ganjingzi District, Dr. subsidy 720 yuan per person per month, master subsidy 480 yuan per person per month, the Department and college degree subsidy 240 yuan per person per month. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Sun Hongli)相关的主题文章: