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"  beauty exposure lead to condemnation; Republican donors to replace Trump – Fujian Channel – original title:" lead exposure lambasting Republican donors to replace Trump to the United States according to foreign media reports, recently, the United States Republican presidential candidate Trump, so before leaving sexist remarks, to explore the possibility of significant donors began to replace his cause the Republican party. According to reports, the "Washington Post" open recordings show that Trump in 2005 to a section currently use vulgar words explicit talking about how to play with women. "Washington Post" website display footage, Trump in 2005 on the NBC television program (NBC) "close to Hollywood", and host Billy Bush in the show special vehicle in a conversation. Dialogue between the two, the screen shows the appearance of the special purpose vehicle. At that time, Trump did not notice the microphone on the clothes have been opened, and the host to start the dialogue. After the dialogue, Trump immediately apologized, saying it was just a private conversation, I said. I was wrong。 I apologize。 I never said I was a perfect man. I swear I’ll be a better man from tomorrow." Trump also referred to Hilary, who was the Democratic candidate for president of the Democratic Party, and former president, President of the United States, who said "worse than that" on the golf course". Reported that this is not Trump’s first serious but he Out of the mouth comes evil., break the curse than ever. The United States Republican officials have condemned him, some members have changed to support his position. Although the election was held in less than a month, he easily angle almost impossible, but in the discussion about whether donors support another nominee. Bloomberg quoted Republican fundraiser Spencer – Zwick said donors to abandon the Trump. He said: "the main Republican donors to withdraw their support for Trump, is seeking to use funds to support other candidates for the Republican presidential candidate." Ryan, Republican speaker of the house of Representatives, said he was disgusted by Mr Trump’s remarks on indecency and discrimination against women. Pury Bass, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said: "no woman should be described or discussed in this way." Hilary also took the opportunity to attack Trump, she said: This is terrible, we must not let this person as president." However, Hilary itself is also a new controversy. WikiLeaks recently released the Hilary lectures for speech to Wall Street banker, shows her support for free trade and open border. If the content is true, be detrimental to Hilary’s election, because the Trump camp repeatedly attacked her surface does not support but privately support free trade agreement, also criticized the Democratic Republican support loose border policy. Hilary’s campaign refused to respond to the matter, saying that Wikileaks has always been to undermine the reputation of Hilary, and the content may be false. (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Shi Yunjuan)相关的主题文章: