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Baizi Hui Yuan "Heroes day" warm heart to help his girlfriend MAX- Yuan Hui Yuan Baizi entertainment Sohu Baizi Hui Hui Yuan eye-catching performance Baizi girlfriend force MAX Sohu entertainment news by Liang Guoguan, directed by Li Yonghui, the new generation of actors Yuan Baizi Hui, Jiang Long, Liu Shuai, Dai Wen Wen, Cui Chengguo, Law Ka Ying joined the drama of bone in JiangBao in the large-scale martial arts through the network drama "Heroes day" is hit in. With the opening of the play through the brain through the set of wayward and relaxed funny style, attracting a large number of users. As Xu Mengshi, Baizi Hui, the staged warm heart support friends, show the bursting of the girlfriend, causing the audience countless hot. Baizi Hui Yuan "Heroes day" warm heart support friends girlfriend full force attention in the latest episode of the story, Xu Mengshi regardless of the danger to rescue Liu Ritian et al, in a crisis, she was overbearing, a sudden stop in front of the crowd, we ordered to go first, resolute attitude and can not be questioned, and said to himself go to the rescue of the Oriental Citylink, a remark users can not help screaming "Xu Mengshi was his girlfriend full force, little sister finally to save the liancheng". Viewers have said Xu Mengshi is looking forward to the future and Oriental Liancheng emotional development, I hope the two can have a perfect ending. "Heroes day", Baizi Hui acting was praised the Xu Mengshi interpretation of the varied strength of woman recalled Oriental Liancheng was arrested at the time of the scene, the heart is very sad, but in order to complete her mission to the east of Liancheng, had to contend with respectively. Baizi Yuan Hui Xu Mengshi parting sadness through the subtleties of expression, tone of the most incisive performance, even tension in times of crisis are portrayed nuanced, won the praise of users.相关的主题文章: