Audi is a large truck overturned and pressed into the discus visual less than 50 cm (Figure)-aizi

Audi is a large truck overturned and pressed into the "discus" visual less than 50 cm (Figure) Audi car was pressed into "discus" network screenshot original title: the truck crossed on to the driveway over Audi press into "discus" new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) October 2nd 2 a.m., a large the truck loaded with sand in the Jingyue Street traveling from east to west, near the Century Square, suddenly lost control, rushed on to the driveway, the car overturned on the roadside, 7 cars parked on the roadside damaged to varying degrees. Friends @ Changchun miso first released the news, from the users of the pictures can be seen, a large truck overturned on the road, but the front or the normal state. A black limousine car tail smashed, a white car is covered with sand, pushed to the next to a black car, the most serious damage is a black Audi car license in Songyuan, only the head exposed, the body is completely covered with sand and freight cars. Because the night of the incident, no one in the damaged car. On the morning of 2, crane came to the overturned car lift, damaged Audi car was dug out, almost the whole car was pressed into the discus, visually less than 50 cm thick! According to witnesses, the truck driver was not injured. A total of 7 vehicles were damaged, of which two cars scrapped." Incident location next to a security guard said. "We listen to the truck driver said to escape from the front of the vehicle, Meng left turn, rushed over to the lane, and rushed to the rollover here." One resident said. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: