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Apple bought Tuolejump, what is the meaning? – Sohu Technology Review: Apple triggered a series of speculation was confirmed, it was acquired by Tuplejump software company, Tuolejump is located in India Hyderabad, a machine learning company. Apple ordered Tuolejump, a machine learning firm, to extend AI to Siri, cloud services and more. According to reports, in June last year to complete the acquisition, it is Apple’s carefully selected aspects of the venture company AI. Prior to this, the company to $200 million acquisition of Turi, and then Emotient, but the amount of the acquisition has not been confirmed. Emotient is a professional use of AI facial expression research company, which is also known in the industry reputation. People are considered to be one of the driving forces for Apple to improve its virtual assistant technology in order to compete with Google. Search engine companies have used several acquired technologies to enhance the stability of their AI, including the acquisition of API.AI, which developed the popular chat robot technology now. Currently, little is known about how Apple will dig out the expertise of Tuplejump. Apple apparently did not want to talk about this thing, because even the purchase of it has been tight lipped, just quibblesome said everything. A spokesman told Tech Crunch: that Apple’s acquisition of smaller technology companies generally does not discuss the purpose or plan of the acquisition." Observers speculate that Tuplejump developed the technology can be used to improve Apple’s cloud services. The integration of iCloud Drive from the iPhone to the recently released macOS Sierra shows that it has been paying attention to this particular field. It can also improve Apple existing technologies, such as virtual assistant Siri, as well as iTunes and App Store such applications. Rumors also details the recent investment in Apple, because of interest in FiloDB, it is a large amount of data using machine learning open source technology. If you carefully consider the views of the site, you can fully demonstrate the significance of the role of Tuplejump, after the acquisition of the views have been harmonious. The image archive of the web page shows how startups can use data management techniques that are scalable and easy to use. In addition to Apple and Google, there are many companies competing for artificial intelligence based technology. Facebook also increased the use of chat robots in their own platform. Amazon also set aside $100 million to develop its own voice search Alexa, its own AI voice search built on it?相关的主题文章: