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Anhui enterprises "new" rooted in ASEAN – Beijing, China News Agency, Hefei, September 9 (Zhang Jun Hao Jiaqi) "Anhui is the earliest Chinese to overseas development in the publishing field, but also go the fastest." Zhu Handong, President of Anhui literature and Art Publishing House recently told reporters. Reporter recently interviewed Anhui enterprises "going out", see "another way" Anhui enterprises innovation rooted in ASEAN. Can play the piano piano book, in the water to see the bubble book, breaking the limitations of traditional books, Anhui children’s Publishing House creative toy books designed to sell overseas. Wang Li, assistant to the club’s president, has demonstrated a waterproof plastic material made of "the daughter of the sea", "bubble book", with his hand on the cover, the frog will be heard. Wang Li said that this book waterproof anti fall, the child can also read a bath, has been exported to Syria and other countries, welcomed by foreign children. In the Anhui times roaming company, "Dolphin baby" learning Chinese has become the flagship product of e-books. The company said that in Vietnam, Thailand and other ASEAN countries, with "Dolphin baby" e-book materials, more and more children to learn chinese. In order to spread the Chinese culture, the company has also set up an immersion preschool multimedia Chinese learning base in 11 countries and regions in Southeast asia. Culture go out, in addition to the traditional books, innovation carrier is the key. Anhui Publishing Group has launched its own brand of ceramic cultural and creative products "era porcelain". This product into the Chinese cultural elements, but also combined with Southeast Asian culture, has a unique style of culture." The responsible person said, in June this year, in the twenty-third session of the Singapore book fair, the creative products have aroused great interest of Singapore businessmen, were sold out on the spot. Cultural publishing out, cooperation is essential. Anhui Publishing Group Chairman Wang Min said, from the beginning of 2011, Anhui publishing group and Singapore’s largest Chinese book dealer and supply to United Press cooperation, implementation of the books copyright trade journal 123, copyright output 28, content involves the literature and art, health, calligraphy and painting etc.. The "Chinese dream", "academic writers on China culture", "Bao" and "red" and other books China in Singapore by readers. Anhui publishing group to the silk road book project "as the starting point, to promote children’s books, Silk Road International Cooperative Alliance of Southeast Asia Chinese learning base and immersion time streaming video time Silk Road Station project. In fact, more and more Anhui brand become a "label" in the ASEAN market, the site of the forklift mechanical equipment more and more; sunflower seeds often sold out of stock in Thailand supermarket; in Indonesia, Jakarta, the high street between the airport and the old city, "towering conch cement" sign…… "2011 open international strategy, the overseas footprint throughout Indonesia, conch Burma, Laos, Kampuchea and other countries, the completion of 12 projects overseas investment of 4 billion 250 million yuan." Deputy general manager of Anhui conch cement company Ding Feng said, in the period of rapid economic development, infrastructure construction is the priority of the ASEAN countries, the rapid growth of this also bring the cement market and broad prospects. Anhui is a major agricultural province.相关的主题文章: