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Entrepreneurialism The daily tedium, anxiety and uncertainty of actually being an entrepreneur is really a disease many of us are familiar with. For business owners usually, the most .mon mantra might be a deviation on the concept, "Simply let me have the .pany on an even keel, and then I will get the rest and pleasure my labors should have". In opposition to this backdrop, the subject of this document might seem silly, but if you want to truly stand above the masses, achieve all of your economic targets and realize your dreams, the very best approach might be serial entrepreneurship . I am not really suggesting dilettantism: You cannot be a dabbler in any sort of pursuit and expect to be profitable. But as soon as you’ve got your first business operating effectively, efficiently, and making a predictable in.e, why not employ management to replace your self, and proceed forward towards your next venture? Exactly why? The response could be found in history. Specifically, the history of the Medici family members within the Fifteenth Century, and the key to the numerous business successes. The Medici family members were a politics empire and consumer and business banking family, which found its first success in the very promising textile industry, even branched into national politics, and ultimately influenced the Italian Renaissance by developing an environment in which artists, sculptors, poets, financiers and clever business men shared concepts and built serial successes by crossing professions. The Medici Bank became one of the most prosperous and well known organizations in Europe, transforming the Medici household into a bastion of wealth and prominence. The real key element to their success, nonetheless, and also with it the success of Florence, Italy, was not their genius or very hard work, but instead the special ability to exchange skills from one discipline to another area. Several years back, an author called Frans Johannson, wrote a short publication titled "The Medici Effect". The publication’s essential thought was actually that if you move in to the junction between divergent disciplines, fresh and really powerful thoughts might be made. In a business context, in the event you transplant the pivotal ideas and techniques you used in one successful endeavor into a totally different one, the end result can be explosive. It is likely that your very first success was actually due to the creativeness, innovation, and perseverance… and not to the industry-related knowledge. If that is correct, then morphing right in to a new business really is a unique way of capitalizing on those skills. In today’s social networking driven, online business climate, in which starting a new enterprise, marketing it and creating traction can be .pleted at low costs and quickly, serial business ownership really makes great sense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: