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Never Let The Consistency Of The Customer Experience Be Compromised – Customer Service Tips By Shep Posted By: Shep Hyken My daughter came home from school to visit us over a recent holiday. She was flying on Southwest Airlines and checked a piece of luggage. When the suitcase showed up on the luggage carousel, we noticed the handle was damaged. Bummer! I AND rsquo;ve been through this before. Not happy, I walked into the Southwest office. What I expected was a long line, followed by a less-than-enthusiastic employee, extensive paperwork to fill out, and then who knows how long it would take to get the luggage repaired. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After all, this was Southwest Airlines. What I encountered was the opposite of what I expected. Only one person was ahead of me, and the Southwest employee had a great attitude. When it was finally my turn, just a minute or two later, I was given a choice. I could fill out some paperwork and arrange to have my luggage repaired, or Southwest would replace my luggage with a brand new piece; immediately AND ndash; on the spot. I wasn AND rsquo;t sure I heard the gentleman correctly. So, he took me into a room that was filled with all types of new luggage.

customer loyalty Simplicity To Gain The Competitive Advantage By Customer Service Expert Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses simplicity. Simple is simple. Simple doesn AND rsquo;t always mean easy. And, sometimes simple is actually hard to pull off. But some companies have mastered the art of simplicity. And, in doing so, they created customer experiences that are easier, frictionless, and more desirable. Siegel+Gale recently released their Global Brand Simplicity Index, and, for the third straight year, Aldi, the grocery store chain, ranked first AND ndash; or should I say simplest. The grocer won this honor because of a number of things, but most notably for their AND ldquo;uncomplicated offers. AND rdquo; So, I started thinking about the experiences that I AND rsquo;ve had that are simple. I remember going to a The Homestead, a restaurant in upstate New York. There weren AND rsquo;t menus. They didn AND rsquo;t need them. I AND rsquo;ll never forget what the server said when it was time for us to order. She said, AND ldquo;We have three things that we serve at The Homestead. We have steak. We have lobster. And, we have steak and lobster. AND rdquo; She added, AND ldquo;Let me know if that doesn AND rsquo;t appeal to you and we AND rsquo;

simplicity What To Do When You Don’t Have Control – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken What happens when the customer calls about a problem, but the problem is completely out of your control? Let AND rsquo;s use an online retailer as an example. The customer buys a product and requests it be shipped via one of the typical shipping companies like UPS, FedEx or USPS. The product goes out right away, but the shipping company fails to deliver on time. The customer calls the company and is obviously upset. Why was there a delay? Maybe it AND rsquo;s a weather problem that caused the shipment to arrive late. Or, maybe it was just a glitch in the shipping company AND rsquo;s system. Regardless of the issue, it was completely out of the seller AND rsquo;s control. Not their fault, but that doesn AND rsquo;t mean that they can AND rsquo;t take responsibility. One other quick example, and this one came from one of our subscribers, Brad Mifsud in Australia. He has a law firm that specializes in real estate. Sometimes, in preparation for a AND ldquo;closing, AND rdquo; which is when all of the papers are signed and the property officially changes ownership, there can be delays due to the bank or some other party not delivering their paperwork on time.

control It’s All In How You Say It – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses how you phrase something may make all the difference – it’s all in how you say it. My buddy Gary Chervitz just came back from Las Vegas. He was excited to share a customer service story with me. He prefaced it by saying it may not sound like a big deal, but after he told me what happened, I told him that while it may not be a big deal, it was still extremely important and worth sharing. Gary was at a restaurant and almost finished with his meal. He had set his fork and knife down. The server noticed he had stopped eating, yet there was still a little food left on the plate. He asked Gary, AND ldquo;Are you continuing to enjoy your meal? AND rdquo; Gary acknowledge with a simple, AND ldquo;Yes, AND rdquo; and the server came back later, after Gary had obviously finished, and took his plate. What impressed Gary was not that the server was polite and obviously very good at his job. It was the server AND rsquo;s question. The actual words he used, AND ldquo;

right way Create Customer Confidence With Your Return Policy – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses how liberal return policies create customer confidence. Every business has returns. It doesn AND rsquo;t matter if you AND rsquo;re B2B or B2C. Returns are inevitable. The industry that probably has the most returns is retail. It AND rsquo;s just a fact. Beyond defective merchandise, which happens in any type of business, someone won AND rsquo;t like that sweater you picked out. Someone has no use for that gadget you thought he or she would love. You get the idea. So, just count on it. It AND rsquo;s going to happen. The question is, how well will you or your business handle it? Regardless of the type of business you AND rsquo;re in, a good return program is important to your overall customer service and experience strategy. Stats and facts indicate that 85% of customers will not do repeat business with a company where returns are complicated or inconvenient. So, think about this: How easy are you to do business with? Ideally, you make it easy to buy from you. You create a positive customer service experience that would make someone want to come back and do business with you again.

return policy Create Customer Confidence – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Customers want to feel confident with the companies they do business with. It doesn AND rsquo;t matter what type of business you AND rsquo;re in or how you sell. It can be a manufacturer, a brick-and-mortar retailer, an online e-commerce company AND ndash; basically any type of business must create confidence. I AND rsquo;ve been preaching for years that the way to create confidence is to deliver a consistent and predictable experience. And, that is still the most powerful way to get a customer to trust you. When your customers know you will always do what you say, you will always be on time, you will always do what you promise, you are always polite and appreciative AND hellip; well you get the idea. That word always is a pretty powerful word. It AND rsquo;s about consistency and predictability. There is one more piece I AND rsquo;d like to add to the concept of confidence, which is to guarantee whatever it is that you do or sell. Why do people like to shop at Nordstrom? They know they are going to get great merchandise delivered with great service.

guarantee Never Let The Consistency Of The Customer Experience Be Compromised – Customer Service Tips By Shep Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses never compromising the consistency of the customer experience. The other night my wife and I went out to dinner. The customer service was quite good and the food was excellent. However, we might hesitate before going back. As we were seated, I noticed one of the other guests had a delicious looking entr AND eacute;e. I asked the server about it and he said it was jambalaya, which is a Cajun rice dish with sausage, shrimp, and several other savory ingredients. So, I ordered it. When it came out, it was less about rice and more about sauce. And, there was a large amount of seafood, chicken, and sausage. It looked different that the other guest AND rsquo;s entr AND eacute;e, but it was delicious. The owner came over and I commented how delicious it was. I also mentioned that it had more sauce than expected. I wasn AND rsquo;t complaining. I was complementing the chef, so I thought. Her response was appreciative.

consistency Response Times To Social Media By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses social media response times. I knew it was bad, but just didn AND rsquo;t know how bad. I AND rsquo;m talking about the average time it takes for a company to respond, via different social media channels. A recent study put out by Eptica evaluated 500 US retailers AND rsquo; ability to respond, by asking ten routine questions. The average amount of time it takes for many of these companies to reply is staggeringly disappointing. Quick response matters! Look at this report and determine which industry you AND rsquo;re in. And, if you feel that B2B doesn AND rsquo;t apply, you AND rsquo;re wrong. Regardless of the industry and the numbers, the concept of quick response is universal. When your customer has a question, they want an answer. When your customer has a problem, they want it resolved. And most don AND rsquo;t want to wait a day or two for you to get back to them. My suggestion is to take some action. First, download the report, it AND rsquo;s free. Then, take a look at your response times.

Cus social media Five Customer Service & Experience Trends You Can’t Ignore – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses data and analytics. Now, before you roll your eyes, I promise this will be interesting. And it definitely ties into customer service and customer experience. I just came back from the IBM Insight conference in Las Vegas, and what they shared about data is anything but boring. We AND rsquo;re all familiar with AND ldquo;Big Data AND rdquo; AND ndash; the data that help us understand trends and general customer preferences. But, this is about customer data (or AND ldquo;Little Data AND rdquo;), which is much more than a name and email address. This is deep information that gives you insight into why a customer buys from you, what they buy from you, when they buy from you, and much more. Now, tell me that wouldn AND rsquo;t be interesting to you or your business. One thing that was abundantly clear: there is a lot of data out there. You would be blown away at how this information can be used. Here are a few examples. The Weather Company provides data on weather so retailers know when to stock certain items.

consumer data Customer Service Christmas Story – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken shares an amazing customer service Christmas story. It AND rsquo;s holiday time, Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Kwanza, or any other holiday you might celebrate this time of year. A few years back I shared a story about an Ace Hardware manager who really went above and beyond for his customer. The story was about a Christmas tree and, during the holiday season, I can AND rsquo;t think of a better story to tell to illustrate an example of amazing customer service. An elderly lady was visiting the Ace Hardware store in Dunedin, Florida, looking at Christmas trees around holiday time. The trees were lined up in front of the store, and the store manager, Jeffrey Gawel, was helping her choose one. She spotted a tree and said, AND ldquo;Boy, I AND rsquo;d sure love that tree, and I know it would look great in my living room, but it AND rsquo;s just too darned tall for me to decorate at my age. It AND rsquo;s too big to carry into my apartment, and I AND rsquo;m not going to make my way up a ladder to decorate the tree. I AND rsquo;

christmas story Eliminate Preconceptions Of Your Industry – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken shares a tip on eliminating preconceptions of your industry. I asked a friend of mine to think of a product or service provider he had come to count on and wouldn AND rsquo;t stop working with under any circumstances AND ndash; even if he happened to get a lower price somewhere else. He instantly answered AND ldquo;Ibrahim. AND rdquo; I asked AND ldquo;who is Ibrahim? AND rdquo; he responded AND ldquo;my mechanic and he AND rsquo;s going to stay my mechanic. AND rdquo; Now I AND rsquo;m sure you AND rsquo;re wondering as I was, how does a mechanic gain this kind of loyalty? Simple, he goes above and beyond for his customers. The best example of this is when a customer calls him with car trouble; when someone has car trouble, that person is most often – surprise, surprise – without transportation. Now, what happens when you call most auto shops and tell them about a problem you AND rsquo;ve been having? They typically say bring it in the shop. Translation AND ndash; pay us or someone else to tow your car to the shop. Ibrahim AND rsquo;s response is AND ldquo;I AND rsquo;ll be right over.

elminate preconceptions Customer Service Hostage Situation – Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses the impact social media has on customer service. Some of my clients have mentioned to me that social media gives customers such an upper hand. One even mentioned that he felt that his customers are holding his company hostage. These clients are concerned that if they don AND rsquo;t give their customers the service or experience that they think they deserve, they will turn to Twitter, share the experience on Facebook, post a negative review on Yelp, and more. You know what I think? I think that it simply means our customers are holding the company to a higher standard. Customer service is different than in the past. One of the biggest differences is, that today our customers are smarter than ever. They know what good customer service is. They hear their friends talking about it, they see it on TV. They don AND rsquo;t just compare you to the service they receive from your competitor, they compare it to the amazing experience they received at the restaurant they dined at last night, or the hotel they stayed at on vacation.

Customer service How Much Is Your Reputation Worth? Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Professional keynote and customer service speaker and New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken discusses how much your reputation is worth. Recently I spoke and wrote about how Delta Airlines and an employee at the St. Louis airport perfectly handled my dilemma in getting to a speaking engagement on time. There were some great lessons in that story, but there is another lesson that is just as powerful, if not more so. My client expected me to show up. They promoted the event and had 200 people that were expecting me to present my customer service presentation. What kind of message would I be sending the client and the audience if I failed to show up AND ndash; or at least make somewhat of a heroic effort to do so? Basically, because of a mechanical problem on the plane, I was going to miss my connection to speech. Even with contingency planning with back-up flights, it looked I could possibly be a AND ldquo;no show. AND rdquo; The only solution was a private jet. That cost thousands of dollars, but, what is my reputation worth? If I didn AND rsquo;t show up, would the client ever hire me again?

reputation Motivational Business Speaker-customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Today AND rsquo;s tip is setting the right example. So as CEO of a major corporation you shouldn AND rsquo;t have to worry about things like picking up trash anymore, right? According to the folks at Disney, that train of thought is entirely wrong. Michael Eisner, former CEO, and even Walt Disney himself; used to follow the thought process; if there is a job to be done such as picking up the trash, don AND rsquo;t say it isn AND rsquo;t your job, just do it. Just taking it upon yourself to do a task makes the best impression. After all how many times have you heard the counterproductive phrase AND ldquo;Do as I say, not as I do. AND rdquo; I know I wouldn AND rsquo;t like to be managed that way, I AND rsquo;d prefer my management to walk the talk. In that I mean set an example for your teams to follow. Once you set a personal example that proves through action what you really stand for, you can expect other employees to buy in to those same values. On the other hand if you prove by your actions that you don AND rsquo;t buy into those values, then you shouldn AND rsquo;

Motivational Business Speaker Motivational Business Speaker-customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Danny Meyer AND rsquo;s AND ldquo;No Tipping AND rdquo; Policy is a Lesson for any Business Hi this is Shep Hyken, Customer Service and Experience Expert and today, I AND rsquo;m going to discuss Danny Meyer AND rsquo;s AND ldquo;No Tipping AND rdquo; Policy. Let AND rsquo;s say you AND rsquo;re out to dinner and your server is great. So you give a generous 20% tip. How would you feel if the server refused your tip? In other words, your server delivered an amazing customer experience, but did so because it AND rsquo;s part of their job, not because they are motivated by the hope of a larger tip. This concept of not tipping for service at a restaurant isn AND rsquo;t new. In many countries around the world, this is common practice. However, in the U.S., tipping is the norm and expected. But there is a disruption to the status quo. Danny Meyer, the extremely successful businessman and restaurateur, is going public in a big way with the no-tipping policy that is being rolled out in his Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) restaurants over the next year. In a public letter he wrote, AND ldquo;

Motivational Business Speaker Define Customer Service-customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken During a job interview do you ask the question what AND rsquo;s your definition of customer service? Do you know the answer for your organization? You should. Nordstrom, the world famous department store, became world famous due to their customer service reputation they have generated for over a century. Nordstrom AND rsquo;s twist on the familiar Golden Rule, AND ldquo;Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, AND rdquo; is in their employee handbook, in the form of their one and only rule, AND ldquo;Use good judgement in all situations. AND rdquo; There are many stories about Nordstrom AND rsquo;s devotion to service, but probably the most famous is the one about a customer who visited a Nordstrom outlet and demanded a refund for a set of tires. The store clerk explained that Nordstrom did not carry tires, however the customer insisted he had bought the tires there, after reading the receipt the clerk realized he had in fact bought them at the location, just before Nordstrom opened a store there. The clerk studied the receipt, thought for a moment, and then processed the refund!

Customer service training Ways To Create Customer Trust – Customer Service Training Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken It AND rsquo;s an old adage that I AND rsquo;ve mentioned before in my writings and video lessons: People, as in customers, like to do business with people they know like and trust. The knowing and liking is easy. Just creating a good image and having a good reputation makes it easy for customers to want to like you. Be nice and respectful and they start to feel like they are getting to know you. But, the trusting is more difficult. You have to earn your customers AND rsquo; trust by following through and creating a predictable experience. Creating trust is paramount to creating customer loyalty. And anytime you have an opportunity to prove yourself and establish a little more trust with the customer, take advantage of it. So, how do you know when your customers trust you? Aside from repeat business, referrals and accolades, there is one word that you are looking for them to use as they describe you. That word is always. They are always so nice. They always take care of me. I can always count on them. And, when there is a mistake or a problem, they always fix it.

Motivational Business Speaker The Polite Society – Customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken No doubt that a squeaky wheel gets the oil. For those of you that aren AND rsquo;t familiar with this old saying, it basically means if you are loud enough, you AND rsquo;ll get noticed. To put that in business terms, if you feel you AND rsquo;re not getting the customer service you think you deserve, stomp your feet up and down and you might get what you want. Sounds like a good plan, but there may be a better way. There is another old saying: You AND rsquo;ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Being nice to the people serving you may beget nice customer service in return. If you don AND rsquo;t believe me, try it. It AND rsquo;s the right thing to do anyway. The catching flies with honey concept comes to life in a couple of amazing examples I read about in an excellent article in Companies may reward you for being nice and polite to their people and the other customers around you. Last year McDonald AND rsquo;s and Coca-Cola got together for a special promotion that rewarded diners for not using their cell phones. I don AND rsquo;

Motivational Business Speaker Motivational Business Speaker-customer Service Tips By Shep Hyken Posted By: Shep Hyken Motivational Business Speaker I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tariq Farid, the founder and CEO of edible arrangements. If you aren AND rsquo;t familiar with the company, it AND rsquo;s like a flower shop, but instead of sending flowers, they deliver bouquets of fresh fruit. The company was started with a loan from a neighbor, while Tariq was still a teenager in high school. After quickly repaying that loan, he expanded, and continued, into what is now a 1,200 unit franchise organization. He walks the talk. He created a simplistic three word mission stated which is AND ldquo;To WOW You. AND rdquo; Along with his weapon of choice, customer service, he also followed his mother AND rsquo;s sage advice, and that was don AND rsquo;t chase money. All that means is if you care more about the money you won AND rsquo;t always make the sale, and even if you make a sale, you may not keep that customer long term. Now what does it really mean to put the customer before the sale? I think that AND rsquo;s best summed up with a personal story about a shopping experience I had.

Motivational Business Speaker Customer Service Tip: Focus On Customer Uniqueness Posted By: Shep Hyken Motivational Business Speaker Today AND rsquo;s tip is is about allowing your employees to showcase their uniqueness. Many managers may feel uneasy giving their employees free rein for part of their workday. Google, however, utilizes this, and excels in great ideas! Google gives its engineers up to 20% of their workday to dedicate to projects they feel passionate about, ideas they feel will benefit the customers. These spans of free-time have allowed Google to expand from just a search engine to being the leader in many different avenues, such as Gmail, the free, flexible, easy-to-use e-mail application that serves millions of users. The driving idea behind the policy known as AND ldquo;20% time AND rdquo; is that people who come up with great ideas are given the opportunity to explore them. It gets people invested in good ideas AND mdash;and it also gives them a powerful sense of fulfillment. It gets people looking forward, in a positive way, to their next opportunity to work on their idea of choice. Now I understand this shouldn AND rsquo;t be implemented with every employee, but could someone in your enterprise create the next breakthrough product or service? Absolutely! So focus on your employees AND rsquo; uniqueness.

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