Affected by a wide range of snow Xi’an Railway Bureau 29 high-speed rail outage (video) winflash

Affected by the impact of a wide range of snow in Xi’an Railway Bureau 29 times high-speed rail train outage Shaanxi media network (reporter Ma Lei correspondent Zhou Bolun) in November 22nd due to a wide range of snow, November 23rd, Xi’an Railway Bureau 29 times high-speed rail outage. Outage originating from the XiAn North Railway Station train a total of 14 times: Xi’an north to Shanghai Hongqiao G1930 27, Xi’an north to Hangzhou East G1876 3, North Xi’an to Nanjing South G1888 5 times, Xi’an north to Shanghai Hongqiao G1918 5, Xi’an north to Yiwu G1900 897, North Xi’an to Beijing West G658 times, Xi’an north to Tianjin West G1712 times, Xi’an north to Xuzhou East G1986 times, Xi’an north to Beijing West G666 times, Xi’an north to Beijing West G670 times, Xi’an north to Qingdao North G1836 7, North Xi’an to Ji’nan West G1832 times, Xi’an north to Baoji south to Xi’an North D6839 times, D6876 times of dali. Return to Xi’an North train 15 times: Shanghai Hongqiao to Xi’an North 19123, G1920 1, G1940 1, Nanjing south to Xi’an North G1886 7, east of Hangzhou, Xi’an North G1874 5, Yiwu to Xi’an North G1898 9, Beijing West to Xi’an North G25 times, G655 times, G659 times. Tianjin North West Xi’an G1711, Ji’nan West to Xi’an North G1831, Qingdao north to Xi’an north 5 times G1838, Dali to Xi’an North D6875 times, Baoji south to Xi’an North D6840 times, and in November 24th the east of Xuzhou, Xi’an North G1981 train has stopped. Please buy more than 30 passengers on the train outage ticket, can be on the date of the ticket within the date of travel (including the day), holding the train ticket to any station refund window for refund, refund fee is not charged. After the purchase of tickets did not exchange tickets for passengers, can be handled directly in the 12306 website refund, or go to the station refund window does not change the ticket refund. Xi’an Railway Bureau to remind the passengers, the 12306 railway customer service platform or attention the information "" XiAn North Railway Station "official micro-blog, WeChat, electronic display, radio, the station announcement to keep abreast of the train operation, reasonable arrangements for the trip. Note: video only for extended reading. Affected by the snow weather in Xi’an road passenger transport outage相关的主题文章: