A visit to University of Technology Sydney footman

Visit the University of Technology Sydney Australia’s University of Technology Sydney was founded in 1987, is a young school, but its innovative educational philosophy as well as in the world university rankings in the strong upward trend that I had heard, this is known as Australia campus facilities the most perfect, the most modern university, is known as the example world class modern university. From August 28th to September 2nd, University of Technology Sydney (hereinafter referred to as UTS) invited Sohu education access in UTS, the University shows the vitality, not sticking to formalities left me with a very deep element impression. The end of the interview, I compiled two manuscript records of what to see in these days, and to UTS a Chinese student asked him, let him talk about his eyes from the perspective of the school. From these three articles, you may be able to understand the characteristics of the university. University of Technology Sydney trip: how to make a school more humane? University of Technology Sydney tour II: focus on the future, focus on students’ practical experience of University of Technology Sydney: a tour of the school of University of Technology Sydney students Chinese eyes Tour 1: how to make the school more humane? University of Technology Sydney (hereinafter referred to as UTS) main campus is located in the center of Sydney University, 5 minutes walk to reach the Chinatown, 15 minutes to see the beautiful harbour to Darling Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney harbour bridge is very near. UTS business school building here is particularly dazzling, it can be said to be another coordinate in the center of Sydney. Our visit to UTS starts here. The shape of extruded brown paper bag building, is the world famous architect Frank · Gary works, its design inspiration from the tree house, its internal structure to the tree house, the trunk and the core area, the branches are learning to work and private gatherings. Pictured University of Technology Sydney business school building appearance. UTS business school dean Roy Green said, such a design idea is to reduce the number of independent offices, increase cooperation area. In the new building, all those who have independent offices will be given the same size of the office area, without having to worry about the traditional academic system and job level qualifications and other factors. "One office area size, once as a direct marker of a person position in the unit level, but the concept of UTS is to promote the modernization of equality and democracy, so for a building, our primary problem is how to break between the caste system." Functional classroom reflects the change of the relationship between teachers and students UTS business school building is the design of the Institute and even the whole UTS uphold teaching and research support for innovative thinking. In UTS, we can see the different functions of the space layout of the classroom, with students as the center: the true meaning of the oval classroom — oval classroom lies in the implementation of 360 degree corner, so that each student can participate in the classroom. (Figure 1) discussion area – each layer is set!相关的主题文章: