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The man hit a man Rong zebra knocked the elderly child escape accident motorcycle stolen car for passers-by to take pictures of the. Fuzhou evening news November 3rd (chief reporter Xu Qiangwen for public figure) the old man took the children to cross the road, only to be rushing the motorcycle, the perpetrators escape under the watchful eyes of the people. Yesterday, Mr. Lai people call the Fuzhou Evening News Hotline 968800 to reflect his mother and child was injured, the perpetrators for driving a stolen car, it is difficult to confirm the identity, hope insider can provide clues. Mr Lai said, more than 5 points in October 31st afternoon, his mother with 2 children home via the nearby West 3rd Ring Rd Tianjiao Golden Coast garden. Due to the closure of the main road west three road construction, motor vehicles are diverted to the auxiliary road. The elderly and children from the zebra crossing the street, is a speeding motorcycle was knocked down. "My mom fainted on the spot, the child’s head, hands, feet slightly bruised." Lai said he received a police call to the scene and found that the perpetrators have disappeared. Witnesses told Mr. Lai, the perpetrators are a middle-aged man, suspected of a driver of the driver, driving a license plate number for the black motorcycle JY8922 min. After the accident, the perpetrators did not take any protective measures, but also tried to hold Mr. Lai’s children, to see passers-by in the photographic evidence, the other party to give up, quickly fled the scene. "My mother was lying on the road, a lot of traffic coming in is very dangerous, but he no longer cared, but good Samaritan and help the police contact 120." Mr. Lai said angrily. Later, the police inquired motorcycle accident information, trying to lock the identity of the perpetrators, but found the car a few years ago has been stolen. "It is possible because we know that this is not afraid of being stolen, know their own identity, so he didn’t dare to hit and run under the watchful eyes of the people." Lai said that at present his mother and children are not serious. He hopes to have informed sources to provide clues to facilitate the police to find the perpetrators, so that it should be punished.相关的主题文章: